Thank Goodness, Japan Built Another Giant Gundam

Thank Goodness, Japan Built Another Giant Gundam
Contributor: Brian Ashcraft

The whole world has been shaken up by the global pandemic. Many things have changed, but one thing that has not is Japan is still building giant Gundams. Thank goodness for that.

That latest one-to-one scale recreation is the RX-93FF ν (Nu) Gundam, a revamped version of the Nu Gundam everyone knows and loves. This giant. 24.8-metre (24.78 m) Gundam went up in front of the LaLaport shopping centre in Fukuoka.

Folks gathered to see the Gundam’s head being attached to the body. Even as a number of these have been built in Japan over the years, the sight of enormous mecha in the real world — or the spectacle of them being put together — never ever gets old.

I love that this makes the local evening news in Japan.

It’s even covered by national newspapers.

Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino supervised the creation of this new Mobile Suit, which differs in its signature Fin Funnel Wings have been switched out for a Long Range Fin Funnel. The design seems to have been changed so the giant, real-world Gundam is able to safely stand. Otherwise, it could probably topple over.

As Kotaku previously reported, some fans were not pleased by the changes, with commenters writing that this was different from the Gundam Nu they knew, and that while they understood the reason for the alteration, the result was disappointing.

Maybe fans will warm to this Gundam? It does look better than its concept art, which is always a plus. Have a look at the comparison in the video below:

I don’t believe Bandai has yet sold Gunpla (Gundam model) versions of the X-93FF ν (Nu) Gundam, but that will, no doubt, inevitably happen, especially as this is a new version of which Tomino saw the creation.

It’s wonderful to see Japan continue to erect these big-arse Gundams. Comforting, even.