These Are Your Favorite Automotive Pet Names

These Are Your Favorite Automotive Pet Names

These Are Your Favourite Automotive Pet Names

Pets: Whether you have one or not, it seems everyone’s at least considered adding a furry (or scaly, feathery, creepily hairless) friend to their household. As it turns out, quite a number of you considered giving that pet an automotive name — and many of you even followed through. All pets may be good boys and good girls, but some are good-er than others: Here are our ten favourite automotive pet names from your suggestions.

Tuna-Flavoured Wet Food, No Crust

My cat Mia is named after the girl from The Fast And The Furious

Car-based pet names don’t necessarily have to be the make or model of a car. They can come from parts of car culture, like the greatest modern movie franchise. Mia may not drive much in the films, but she’s still a Toretto — and, oddly, possibly the most brand-loyal character in the series.

Submitted by: Ted the Mechanic

The Aris-dog-racy

I had an Uncle-In-Law who named his dog “Bentley.” I think it worked well as a dog’s name.

Bentley is a stately name for a stately car, so it only follows that the dog must be stately too. I’m picturing some sort of hunting dog, owned by someone who lives on an estate and whose money all comes from “the war.” They will not explain further, and you’re too intimidated to ask.

Submitted by: Sergio526

The Fun And The Infuriating

Could be fun:

  • -Gremlin
  • -Cuda
  • -Tiger
  • -Evo
  • -Subie
  • -Fairlane

Probably cumbersome:

  • -Cutlass Ciera
  • -Bonneville SSTi
  • -LP5000 Quattrovalvole
  • -T1000
  • – 911 GT3Rs

I actually have a friend whose cat’s name is Subi, so that gets a definite pass. T1000, however, is clearly a Terminator reference rather than a car one. Disqualified!

Submitted by: BunkyTheMelon

On The Psychology Of Goldfish

I had a goldfish named Princess Monster Truck

See, this is a name that truly, perfectly fits a goldfish. Their memories may last longer than three seconds, but their capacity to remember still isn’t very well-formed. Each time they forget, it follows that their personality would start anew with those fresh memories — on this cycle, will they be Princess? Or will they be Monster Truck?

Submitted by: i86hotdogs

Classic Americana

These Are Your Favorite Automotive Pet Names
Photo: Matt Frederick from USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

My next dog will be named “Dakota” as I’ve owned something like 12 of them in my life. Also like “Chief” (Indian motorcycle owner.)

Dakota and Chief are those classic American, dog-with-red-bandana names that never seem to fully go out of style. It’s fitting that they’re tied to historical American vehicle brands, both of which are still around today.

Submitted by: tr6rtiger


I have a mix named Maloo HSV and a German shepherd named Butzi.

Maloo is one of the best combinations of sounds possible within the confines of the Latin alphabet. It’s also, fittingly, a fantastic ute. To give that name to a dog is an honour.

Submitted by: jkcycletramplosthispassword

The Easy Answer

I can’t believe no one said ‘Rover’ yet….

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics. Rover is one of those classic pet names, the ones we’re so used to hearing that we don’t even consider where they come from. And yet, under all the history, it’s simply another car name.

Submitted by: DoctorNine

Size May Matter

I’d have to go with Nova. My favourite classic car, and my favourite pooch!

The Nova was Chevy’s compact entry back it was first introduced. Fitting that its name lives on, worn by a small adorable puppy. When they grow up, will they be renamed Chevelle?

Submitted by: jmjr07

Rally Legends In The Snow

These Are Your Favorite Automotive Pet Names
Photo: Soused

My two boyos, Grist and Mallory.

Nicky Grist and Penny Mallory. WRC baby!

We were snowshoeing on the lake and they insisted on following us.

You seem surprised that two accomplished rally drivers would want to spend a day out in the snow. In fact, that looks like the perfect climate for some four-wheel-drive slides, spraying snow up behind the back of a Ford. “Grist” may always be a Homestuck word for me, but anyone who drove with Colin McRae deserves to have pets named after them.

Submitted by: Soused

An Italian Stallion

My dog is named Desmo, after the Ducati valve actuation system.

Desmo is my favourite pet name on the list for a few reasons. First, it’s an engine part that no one outside of Ducati shops (and owners receiving invoices from Ducati shops) think about. Second, it’s a trochee, and we all love trochees. But most importantly, it’s unique — you aren’t likely to meet another Desmo at the dog park.

Submitted by: KTM empties ATM

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