This Company Says It Can Use a Phone Camera To Read Your Vitals in Under a Minute

This Company Says It Can Use a Phone Camera To Read Your Vitals in Under a Minute

A company by the name of FaceHeart Corp says its tech can read your vitals – such as heart rate and blood pressure – simply by pointing your phone’s camera at your face.

FaceHeart used CES 2022 to announce the launch of its proprietary AI technology, which it touts as being capable of granting “seamless access to vital sign measurement using existing consumer devices”.  That is, your phone camera and your face.

According to Dr. Bing-Fei Wu, founder of FaceHeart Corp and chair professor at Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), “a good modern healthcare solution should be able to solve problems in the background, without taking up critical expertise or resources”.

FaceHeart Vitals SDK is designed to integrate with the camera system of your phone/tablet/smart device.

The company says that by positioning a single camera lens on a person’s face, FaceHeart’s application can measure the person’s heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate and stress index value in 60 seconds or less.

FaceHeart said it has conducted clinical trials generating 76 million datasets to ensure bio parameters meet medical-grade accuracy.

We’ve had wearables for years that can do this, but your face? This isn’t at all insane.

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