Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming to Its 2022 TVs

Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming to Its 2022 TVs

Samsung is debuting new TVs at CES 2022, and some of them will let you play games from the cloud, no console required, with platforms you might have heard before: Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Samsung says “select” 2022 TV models will give you access to GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik cloud gaming services within a new Samsung Gaming Hub. You can think of this interface as a Netflix for games where you can quickly access the last titles you played or explore new ones. You’ll be able to buy games directly from the hub, which will curate game recommendations so you can expand your library.

As part of integrating its TVs into your gaming setup, Samsung’s Gaming Hub will support pairing various controllers, including those for PS5 or Xbox Series X, though it’s unclear if you can use these to play cloud games. The hub also integrates YouTube Gaming.

These cloud services, of course, require a subscription. Nvidia’s GeForce Now has a free tier but the best experience costs $US10 ($14) a month for the Priority Tier or $US100 ($138) every six months for the new RTX 3080 tier, which allows for 1440p gaming at 120Hz (we’ve reached out to confirm whether Samsung’s TVs will benefit from these specs). Google Stadia, on the other hand, costs $US10 ($14) a month after a one-month free trial, while the lesser-known Utomik is $US7 ($10) a month for individuals or $US10 ($14) for families.

“We know that gaming continues to increase in popularity for our customers and we have bridged the gap between our Smart TV leadership and advanced gaming software to create an easier way for people to enjoy the games they love, faster,” said Won-Jin Lee, the corporate president of Samsung Electronics. “We developed the Samsung Gaming Hub with our incredible content partners to benefit all gamers, and we plan to continue our collaboration to grow the ecosystem.”

These aren’t the first Samsung TVs with the ability to stream games through the cloud. Back in 2015, the company released a handful of sets that supported PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service. Things went quiet for a while, but it was only a matter of time before some of the newer cloud gaming platforms that have popped up in recent years would make their way to modern TVs.

GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik will be available in the new gaming hub, but not pre-installed on TVs. Interestingly, PlayStation Now and the immensely popular Xbox Game Pass won’t be included at launch.

Samsung Gaming Hub will arrive later this year and be accessible on the new 2022 Smart Hub via the main navigation menu.