I’m Sorry I Still Can’t Get Over Mark Wahlberg’s Moustache in Uncharted

I’m Sorry I Still Can’t Get Over Mark Wahlberg’s Moustache in Uncharted

When Uncharted was announced back in 2021, we learned it was set to star Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. I first thought that Wahlberg would be playing the main role of Nathan Drake, because he looks the part… But uuuh…

Nope! We’re getting younger depictions of both characters than what we get in the games. Holland still looks like a highschool kid, which makes him a perfect actor to play Peter Parker (Spider-Man), but a questionable choice for the seasoned adventurer Nathan Drake. Wahlberg on the other hand…

Well, he’s not not Sully-like. The trailers released in the lead up to the film focus in tandem on Nate and Sully as they hunt for lost treasures, but did you know that Wahlberg was originally cast as Nathan Drake waaaaay back in 2010?

It’s time to do some Wahlberg-posting. We’re also gonna talk about that ‘stache.

Who is Mark Wahlberg, aside from Sully in Uncharted?

An actor with a vast amount of talent in a wide range of movies, Mark Wahlberg’s the kind of actor who looks like he hasn’t aged a day in 20 years.

You might remember him from the 2010 film The Fighter, or for his acting in The Departed (2006). You might also remember him from his 2008 film Max Payne, where he played the iconic titular video game character. So while video game movies aren’t a new frontier for Wahlberg… that moustache is, god damn.

Let’s move on. Recently you would have probably seen Wahlberg playing roles in Infinite (2021), Good Joe Bell (2020) or voicing a character in Scoob! (2020).

He’s a pretty well-established actor that’ll be bringing some years of talent to the role.

Bouncing around a bit, I reckon it’s important to note that, when the Uncharted movie was first being discussed back in 2010, Wahlberg was originally cast to play Nathan Drake. 10 years back, Wahlberg would have looked perfect as Drake, but today you could squint his eyes and he’d look a little like Sully. This brings us to…

What’s up with that moustache, Mark?

So the moustache is an important element to the Sully character. Back when the first trailer for Uncharted came out, it was notably absent from Mark Wahlberg’s face. In the games, it really solidified Sully’s character as a bit of a daggy Dad who knows a thing or two, a helpful friend on Drake’s adventures.

mark wahlberg uncharted
Left: Mark Wahlberg. Right: Sully. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

Well, a hairy lip-sitting caterpillar found a home on Mark Wahlberg’s face by the time the second Uncharted trailer dropped, indicating that he’ll grow it at some point during the movie, possibly as some indicator along the journey of Wahlberg really coming into the character of Victor Sullivan. Does it sound like I’m describing the scene where a superhero normally gets their super suit in an MCU flick, possibly through multiple trials and tribulations? Yeah, it’ll probably be handle(bar)d the same way.

Squint your eyes and Mark Wahlberg will look like the Dad emoji on the Apple keyboard. Squint your eyes a bit more and yeah, he totally looks like a younger Sully. I don’t hate the moustache, but there’s just something about it, you know?

Uncharted movie cast

Mark Wahlberg and his moustache will be joined by an ensemble of talented actors in the Uncharted movie. Tom Holland will play the protagonist (as I mentioned, Nathan Drake), with Sophia Ali playing Chloe Frazer, Tati Gabrielle playing Braddock and Antonio Banderas playing Moncada.

Uncharted release date

After a long, long wait, Uncharted will release on February 17. Unlike some other movies (looking at you, Dune) Australia will get the release of Uncharted on the same date as our U.S. friends.

Uncharted has a release date of February 17 in Australia. While you wait, why not check out all the other sci-fi, horror and fantasy films releasing in Australia this year.

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