Fairly OddParents’ New Paramount+ Series Promises Plenty of Live-Action Mayhem

Fairly OddParents’ New Paramount+ Series Promises Plenty of Live-Action Mayhem

The Fairly OddParents is back — but not exactly how you remember it. Paramount+’s new series The Fairly Oddparents: Fairly Odder picks up years after the original animated series ended and reboots the beloved characters… into our world.

Yep, you read that right. A suddenly live-action Timmy Turner gives his niece Viv Turner his fairy godparents in the hopes they’ll help her adjust to life with a new stepmom and stepbrother named Roy. Apparently, when the transference of power is witnessed by both kids, it grants them shared control and invites more hijinks. Wanda and Cosmo are unleashed in their classic cartoon forms to transform Viv and Roy’s life in the real world.

All 13 episodes of the hybrid series are set to drop exclusively on Paramount+, according to a press release from the streamer, with original voice cast member Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris picking up their wands to reprise their Fairly OddParents roles as Wanda and Cosmo. This time they’re joined by a very real family, with Audrey Grace Marshall as Vivian “Viv” Turner; Tyler Wladis as Roy Raskin; Laura Bell Bundy as Roy’s mum, Rachel Raskin; and Ryan-James Hatanaka as Viv’s dad, Ty Turner. Check out the trailer below.

Portaling the fairies into a hyper-surreal mod reality is chaotic enough to draw intrigue as some of the more absurd aspects of the cartoon characters’ powers border on light body horror in the real world. Turning the mum into a gold statue and making Viv a giant is definitely funny but also slightly concerning. Pitting the step-siblings against each other to learn to share the powers they wield with wish-granting fairy godparents could so very easily turn into a horror film if it this was coming from A24 and not Nickelodeon.

However, this Roger Rabbit spin on the show is so wild it could work among the current wave of animation/live-action projects slated to drop onto streaming services. And the ambitious approach may draw in more than the built-in Fairly OddParents fanbase. You be the judge on March 31!

In the meantime you can revisit all 10 seasons of the original The Fairly OddParents, which are available to binge on Paramount+.