GMC Hummer EV’s Range, Weight, MPGe Reveled In EPA Filings

GMC Hummer EV’s Range, Weight, MPGe Reveled In EPA Filings

You know that feeling of when you step on a scale for the first time in a while, and the number is far bigger than you were hoping for? If that sounds familiar, you’ve got something in common with the 2022 GMC Hummer EV, an absolute beast of a vehicle. It’s also fallen a bit short in other areas as well.

All was revealed about the $US110,000 ($152,702), 1,000 hp Edition 1 electric truck in test data GM recently filed with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Documents show the Edition 1 model — the only Hummer EV available at launch — will back a Ultium battery with a usable capacity of 212.8 kWh. That’s significantly larger than the Ford F-150 Lightning’s 131.0 kWh of usable capacity or the Rivian R1T’s 128.9 kWh battery.

The Hummer EV will achieve a 529 km EPA combined range. It’ll be using electricity at 47 MPGe EPA combined. That breaks down to 51 MPGe city and 43 MPGe highway. The combined is 33 per cent lower than the Rivian’s 70 MPGe rating.

Despite that, the Hummer EV still has a higher range than the Rivian’s 505 km or the F-150’s 483 km. That’s all due to the big arse battery in the Hummer EV.

If you’ve seen the Hummer EV you know one thing about it — that shit is huge. The scales prove that. GMC reports in the EPA documents the truck has a curb weight of 4,111 kg. That is nearly two thousand pounds heavier than the also very heavy Rivian.

The battery in the Hummer weighs 1,326 kg. That is substantially more than a Mazda Miata in any configuration.

GMC says this test is the final certification for the Hummer’s 2022 model year. Eventually, cheaper models will arrive, including a base model 2024.

Anyway, guys you should stay off the scales. The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day was two days ago. Give yourselves a break.

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