Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed

Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed

We’ve all seen the images of people living the van life, those care-free millennials snapping pristine photos as they live out their dreams in the back of a converted van. Well now, millionaires looking to share in this off-grid lifestyle can book their spot on a much more luxurious nomadic living experience thanks to a cruise line that is selling apartments onboard its new vessel.

Storylines describes itself as a “luxury residential community at sea” and travel-hungry rich people can now buy an apartment onboard the firm’s new ship for upwards of $US1 ($1) million. Not even the bougiest converted campervan could top that price point.

Designed specifically with living aboard in mind, the Storylines cruiser, called MV Narrative, features 548 “bespoke residences” – that’s apartments to normal people.

These range from pokey studio rooms in the heart of the ship to split level suites with balconies looking out over the ocean.

Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed
The million dollar murphy bed. (Illustration: Storylines)

The cost of owning one of these luxury apartments? A lot.

Prices for outright purchase of rooms aboard MV Narrative start at $US1,013,350 ($1,403,648) and top out at $US7,591,799 ($10,515,833). On top of this, you’ll be expected to pay “all-inclusive living fees” every quarter to cover everything you get to enjoy onboard the ship, which again has a big range in cost from $US62,064 ($86,157) per year to $US202,576 ($281,216) each year.

But if you’ve shelled out all that cash, what can you expect to enjoy on board? Well, starting with your accommodation, if you opt for the $US1m studio room you’ll have 22 sq km of space to enjoy.

Inside the room, you’ll find a hallway with storage lockers, a bathroom with walk in shower and a multi-use living space. That multi-use space is your living room, bedroom and dining room all rolled into one, and comes with a murphy bed installed.

Because nothing says luxury like folding your bed away at the start of each new day.

Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed
A $US7m room that’s as big as my New York apartment. (Illustration: Storylines)

This budget room is deep in the bowels of the ship, so don’t expect any sea-views, balconies or other premium trimmings.

Away from your sleeping area, you’ll have ample opportunity to utilise your $US60,000 ($83,292) annual living fees. That’s because the MV Narrative is packed with everything you’d find on any other luxury liner worth its salt.

Across the MV Narrative’s 18 decks you’ll find three pools, one helipad and countless bars, restaurants and other ways to spend your time at sea.

Onboard, there will be a private marina at the rear of the ship, various communal spaces throughout, outdoor lounges for any plebs that can’t afford a balcony and even a microbrewery.

Anyone living on-board will also be able to visit the spa, library, arcade and theatre.

Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed
Everyone I never want to meet locked away in the same place. (Illustration: Storylines)

There are even private, leasable offices for guests looking to work from their ocean-going home.

According to Cruise Industry News, Storylines aims to sell all its accommodation by the end of 2022 and has ambitions to launch the ship in 2024.

At the time of writing, just 189 of the 548 residences remain available. So, if you’re this way inclined it might be time to have your butler set up a meeting with the ship’s captain.

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