After a Brief Moment of Joy, The Joe Rogan Experience Is Back on Spotify

After a Brief Moment of Joy, The Joe Rogan Experience Is Back on Spotify

In whiplash news, The Joe Rogan Experience has returned to Spotify after users in Australia flooded social media to spread the word that Mr Rogan’s podcast was no longer available on the streaming service.

Of course, when I was informed The Joe Rogan Experience was pulled from the platform, I searched to verify (there’s a first for everything, right?). You could still search for the Joe Rogan Experience aaand you could click on it, but once you did, this notice appeared:

“Something went wrong. Have another go? Try Again.”

This wonderful Twitter user gave us a screen grab.

But, as this article was about to be published, his podcast magically reappeared.

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed with Gizmodo Australia it was a technical issue affecting a number of shows.

It isn’t the first time this has happened, however.

As reported by CNET, a “technical issue” caused The Joe Rogan Experience, and some other podcasts, to be briefly unavailable on Spotify last Friday.

“It’s a technical issue affecting a number of our shows,” CNET quoted a Spotify spokesperson as saying, adding that the issue should be resolved soon.

If you have no idea why Mr Rogan being removed from Spofity is a big deal, Rogan, who is infamously divisive where a lot of things (read: almost everything he says) are concerned, struck a $US100 million deal with Spotify. That deal, which translates to a cool $139 million in Aussie terms, sees Spotify walk away with exclusive rights to Rogan’s show, The Joe Rogan Experience.

This angered a lot of people, mostly due to misinformation being given air time on his podcasts.

Earlier this month, Spotify pulled down at least 70 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience from its archives. However, the disappeared episodes don’t have much to do with the platform’s ongoing controversy over COVID-19 misinformation.

There’s a website that automatically detects episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that are not available on the Spotify platform by comparing the official Spotify API with a database of all episodes ever released.

As of the time of writing, it was saying 113 episodes were missing.

Update at February 23 at 5.10pm: a Spotify spokesperson confirmed with Gizmodo Australia that The Joe Rogan Experience disappearing from its platform on Monday night was a result of a “technical issue affecting a number of shows”.

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