A Garbage Can Vacuum Cleaner Is Exactly What My Crumb-Covered Kitchen Counters Need

A Garbage Can Vacuum Cleaner Is Exactly What My Crumb-Covered Kitchen Counters Need

Any time two household appliances can be merged into one is a big win for those living in a small apartment, but while a garbage can isn’t exactly an appliance, upgrading one with a built-in vacuum cleaner is kind of a genius idea because it eliminates the extra step of emptying a standalone vac.

It may come as no surprise to longtime readers that the trashcuum cleaner, as I will call it just that once, is another ‘innovation’ from Japan’s Thanko. The company is obsessively focused on creating gadgets and devices that address hyper-specific needs, but every once in a while it comes up with something that’s genuinely clever — even moreso than a smartphone wrist mount, if you can believe that.

When parked in the corner of a kitchen or a bathroom the device looks like nothing more than a boxy little trash can, and for the most part that’s all it is. It accepts standard-sized tiny plastic bags that are easy to find in stores, and to help keep smells from escaping, it features a sensor-powered lid that automatically opens when nearby motion is detected, and then automatically closes after accepting a trash deposit.

A Garbage Can Vacuum Cleaner Is Exactly What My Crumb-Covered Kitchen Counters Need

With the lid open, the trash can reveals its extra functionality with slots for storing cleaning tools like flexible hoses and extendable tubes that when connected, along with a power cord, turn the rubbish bin into a full-fledged vacuum that deposits all the debris it sucks up right into the plastic bag. Four free-spinning caster wheels on the underside of the bin allow it to be pulled around like a canister vacuum. And while Thanko seems to recommend the device for use in bathrooms as a way to clean up random hair strands without having to actually touch them, it looks just as useful for a kitchen with crumb-covered countertops.

Pricing appears to be around $US76 ($106) (¥8,980) which isn’t terribly expensive as far as low-end vacuums go, but having one shipped to anywhere but Japan is where things might get extra pricey.

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