Could Marvel’s New Blade Show Up Even Sooner Than We Thought?

Could Marvel’s New Blade Show Up Even Sooner Than We Thought?

Ernie Hudson has joined the Quantum Leap reboot. Could The Flash be running out of time after a ninth season? Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer are getting festive for Apple. Plus, what’s coming on Superman and Lois, Snowpiercer, and more. Spoilers get!

Could Marvel’s New Blade Show Up Even Sooner Than We Thought?

Red Sonja

Pinches of salt at the ready, but The Illuminerdi alleges Hannah John-Kamen has exited the upcoming Red Sonja remake from Transparent creator, Jill Soloway.

Doctor Jekyll

According to Variety, the newly re-established Hammer Studios has secured the rights to the upcoming Doctor Jekyll, starring Eddie Izzard.

Twins 2

Appearing as a guest at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio (via The Arnold Fans), Arnold Schwarzenegger provided an update on Twins 2 in light of Ivan Reitman’s recent passing.

We had a little setback because the man that was supposed to direct it, who directed the first one, Twins, Ivan Reitman had passed away sadly to say. And so, you know now that we just wait a little bit until this whole thing cools down and then we’re gonna readdress it. But that’s a project supposed to be filmed in October and so it could still be you know, but we just have to now look into a different director and just see if we are going to continue with this project.”


Comic Book has our first look at Spirited, the new Christmas Carol movie starring Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer at Apple TV+.

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Restart the Earth

Plants pull up their roots and revolt against mankind in the trailer for Restart the Earth.

Quantum Leap

Ernie Hudson has joined the cast of the Quantum Leap reboot as Herbert “Magic” Williams, “a Vietnam veteran and head of the time travel project at Quantum Leap. Using a bit of politicking and his military know-how to keep the Pentagon at bay, Magic buys the team some time to rescue Ben but expects answers once he’s back.” [Deadline]

Werewolf By Night

According to a new report from The Cosmic Circus, Mahershala Ali’s Blade will make his on-screen debut in the upcoming Werewolf By Night Halloween special at Disney+.

Once Piece

Netflix has cast Morgan Davies, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, Aidan Scott, Jeff Ward, McKinley Belcher III, and Vincent Regan have joined the cast of the streamer’s live-action One Piece series. Davies will play Koby, Paulino is Alvida, Scott is Helmeppo, Ward is Buggy, Belcher III is Arlong while Vincent Regan rounds out the incoming cast as Garp.

The Flash

THR has word The Flash is “a lock to return for season nine” at the CW “but the end is near” for the long-running series.

The Last of Us

Ali Abbasi is attached to direct the ninth and tenth of The Last of Us TV series.

Star Trek: Picard

Q brings Jean-Luc to an alternate 2400 in the synopsis for this week’s episode of Picard.

Picard finds himself transported to an alternate timeline in the year 2400 where his longtime nemesis, Q, has orchestrated one final “trial.” Picard searches for his trusted crew as he attempts to find the cause of this dystopian future.

Written by: Akiva Goldsman, Terry Matalas & Christopher Monfette

Directed by: Doug Aarniokoski

[Spoiler TV]

Star Trek: Discovery

The crew attempt first contact in the synopsis for “Species Ten-C”, tomorrow’s episode of Discovery.

As the DMA approaches Earth and Ni’Var, Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery attempt to make First Contact with the powerful species responsible before it’s too late.

Written by: Kyle Jarrow

Directed by: Olatunde Osunsanmi

[Spoiler TV]

The Flash

Here’s a sneak peek at Bart and Nora’s time travel hijinks from tonight’s episode of The Flash.


Dee and Zambado throw down in a junkyard when Naomi returns March 22.

Superman & Lois

Meanwhile, the military has designs on the inverse world in the trailer for “Into Oblivion” — the March 22 episode of Superman & Lois.


Finally, Drayton and company continue to wonder if Melanie is alive in the trailer for next week’s episode of Snowpiercer.

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