Warner Bros. Shuffles All of Its Upcoming DC Movies

Warner Bros. Shuffles All of Its Upcoming DC Movies

Kraven the Hunter might have found a very peculiar villain. The CW’s Gotham Knights show has found an unlikely Robin to cast. Annie Wersching teases her arrival as the Borg Queen on Star Trek: Picard. Plus, teases for She-Hulk, and Shawn Levy talks ending Stranger Things. Spoilers now!

Warner Bros. Shuffles All of Its Upcoming DC Movies

Kraven the Hunter

According to Deadline, Christopher Abbot has joined the cast of Kraven the Hunter as The Foreigner, a mercenary and assassin with a penchant for gambling.

Spider-Man 4

Giant Freakin Robot additionally alleges Steven Yeun is under consideration to play Mister Negative in Spider-Man 4.

Coyote vs Acme

THR also reports that Will Forte will play a lawyer in Coyote vs Acme, joining John Cena in the live-action/CG animation hybrid.

The Munsters

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters has been rated “PG” by the MPAA for “macabre and suggestive material, scary images and language.” [Bloody-Disgusting]

Black Adam/DC League of Super-Pets

According to Dwayne Johnson on Instagram, Black Adam is now scheduled for an October 21 release, while DC League of Super-Pets will release July 29.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom/The Flash/Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Meanwhile, Variety reports Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been pushed back to March 17, 2023 while the The Flash has also been rescheduled for a November 4, 2022 release. However, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will now release Dec. 12, 2022 — a full six months earlier than originally planned.

Meg 2: The Trench

Bloody-Disgusting also has word Meg 2: The Trench has received an August 4, 2023 theatrical release date.

Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania

A new set video from Paparazzi Podcast sees Paul Rudd strutting around to John Sebastian’s Welcome Back, Kotter theme — presumably as part of a larger montage sequence. Click through to have a look.


Bloody-Disgusting also has a new photo from X, Ti West’s latest horror film combining the adult film crew of Boogie Nights with the reclusive, inbred killers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Photo: A24
Photo: A24


Inuit teenagers prepare for battle against alien invaders in the first clip from Slash/Back.

Gotham Knights

Variety reports Olivia Rose Keegan, Navia Robinson, and Oscar Morgan have joined the cast of Gotham Knights. Keegan will play Duela Dent, described in a press release as “abrasive, unpredictable and a little unhinged, Duela is, above all, a survivor. Born in Arkham Asylum and abandoned by her father–the most dangerous man in Gotham–Duela forged herself into a brutal fighter and skilled thief.” Robinson has been cast as the “fearless, idealistic and plucky as hell” Carrie Kelly who “talked her way into being Batman’s unlikely sidekick. If there’s a burning building or a person in need, she’s the first to rush in. Just as long as she’s home by curfew.” Lastly, Morgan will play someone named Turner Hayes, a character who “despite the murder of his biological parents remains resilient and driven to live up to his billionaire adoptive father’s name. While charming and soulful, Turner has never quite felt comfortable in this world of wealth and privilege.”

Quantum Leap

Deadline reports Nanrisa Lee, Mason Alexander Park and newcomer Caitlin Bassett have joined the cast of the Quantum Leap reboot. Lee will play Jenn, “head of security at Quantum Leap headquarters” while Park has been cast as Ian, “the chief architect of Quantum Leap’s AI program.” Bassett rounds our the cast as Addison, “a project lead at Quantum Leap HQ who operates state-of-the-art technology to communicate with an individual time travelling in the past.”

Star Trek: Picard

In conversation with TV Line, incoming Borg Queen actress Annie Wersching says the character will be “under distress” and obsessed with Agnes when he meet her this season on Picard.

When we find her, she’s under distress. We’re not used to seeing a Borg Queen who’s not completely in control. She’s used to having the Collective and the hive and all of the noise in her head of everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Now she’s quiet, literally for the first time in her existence, so that is different and strange and maddening for her. She starts in such different circumstances than we’ve seen the other queens in the past. She’s here with the humans, and she’s a little bit like, ‘Ugh, why can’t they just figure this out? It’s so easy’ kind of a thing until she notices Agnes Jurati. There’s something about Agnes Jurati’s mind that the Borg Queen is very interested in. [Jurati is] the only one around who isn’t causing her to just roll her eyes at their lesser-than qualities, so it was really fun to see where they took that relationship.

Relatedly, filming has already wrapped on the show’s third and now formally final season, according to Jeri Ryan on Twitter.

Werewolf By Night

Variety also reports composer Michael Giacchino will instead make his directorial debut with the Werewolf By Night Halloween special at Disney+.


A thermos for sale on Amazon (via Comic Book) offers our first look at Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk. Click through to see more.

Stranger Things

Shawn Levy spoke to Screen Rant about the decision to end Stranger Things with season five.

Well, we never wanted to run on fumes and we wanted to only tell as much story as the brothers saw and feel with clarity. So it’s been clear for a while that [The Duffer Brothers] know exactly where we’re headed and this is the arc. We wouldn’t want to stick around for one moment beyond that vision and the clarity of that voice. So rather than focusing on that sad day that happens who knows when, the end of season five, I’ll just once again reaffirm what I’ve told everyone, which is it has been a long-arse wait for season four. But I swear to God, the world will realise it’s worth it.

The Flash

Goldface infiltrates CCPD headquarters in the trailer for “Lockdown,” next week’s episode of The Flash.

Outer Range

Finally, Josh Brolin plays a Wyoming rancher caught up in some sort of supernatural mystery in the trailer for Outer Range, a new series streaming April 15 on Amazon Prime Video. Lili Taylor, Tamara Podemski, Tom Pelphrey, Imogen Poots, Lewis Pullman, Noah Reid, Shaun Sipos, Matthew Maher, and Will Patton co-star.

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