Gizmodo Movie Night: The Joke Is on You With These April Fool’s Movies

Gizmodo Movie Night: The Joke Is on You With These April Fool’s Movies

Just in case you missed it, today is April Fool’s Day. A day where you’re morally obligated to play pranks on others and be an absolute fool. As such, it only feels right to give us a list of foolish films you can add to your April Fool’s movie list.

That’s right, for this week’s Gizmodo Movie Night, we wanted to have a little foolish fun with you and chat about movies that have ‘fool’ written all over them.

Whether that is movies that made me feel like a fool or ones that feel like they should be an April Fool’s joke, we’ve covered it all.

I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer to get your foolish fix so let’s get straight into it.

Made me feel like a fool – Inception (2010)

As most Christopher Nolan movies (specifically: Intersteller and Tenet) do to me, Inception made me feel like a god damn fool.

Anything that delves into the psychological aspects of humanity and the dreamscape makes me immediately start spiralling and feel absolutely foolish for thinking that anything in my life is real.

Is anything around us real? Am I just living in a simulation? We just don’t know but you’ll feel like a fool for trying to figure it out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio, also what kind of name is Dom Cobb? Anyways) steals information from his targets by entering (and stealing) their dreams. Cobb is then given a very morally and ethically questionable task of performing an ‘inception’ on Satio’s (Ken Watanabe) sick competitor’s son.

Inception constantly made me feel like I was not up to the intellectual level I should be to properly understand what was going on. How many dreams of mine have been snatched by Mr Cobb? Is that why I wake up not knowing what I had just dreamt about?

That twist at the end also had me feeling like a real fool let me tell you that.

Basically, help: I’m lost.

Inception is currently streaming on Stan.

Making a fool of other movies – Scary Movie (2000)

In what feels like the ultimate April Fool’s movie, Scary Movie is just making an absolute fool out of the entire horror genre.

Scary Movie basically just rips off the classic (and sometimes clichéd) horror movie tropes and the entire plot of Scream to create the most masterful parody there is.

This movie is one of the funniest things I’ve seen just because of how chaotic it is. It’s very camp, iconic and all-round foolish.

As a lover of horror movies, especially Scream, I appreciate a good parody of the tropes we have all come to know and love. Scary Movie exists purely just to make a fool out of other horror movies. Obviously, there are several other Scary Movie films but nothing will beat the original.

Scary Movie is currently streaming on Binge.

Should be an April Fool’s movie – Sausage Party (2016)


What actually is this movie? Surely it was conjured up on April Fool’s, right?

There’s just no way in my mind that this movie was made with any other intention than to be a joke. The fact that it was released in August and not April baffles me because how is this movie not a complete piss take?

This is the plot:

“A lazy cat, Oggy, loves to watch TV and eat food. However, three cockroaches, who live in the same house, enjoy attacking Oggy’s refrigerator and creating chaos, which ruins his peace.”

Seems unassuming and innocent, right? Well, you’d be a fool for thinking that. Sausage Party is perhaps the most chaotic and wildly vulgar movie I’ve ever seen and I think it still baffles me to this day that it was ever made.

Don’t get me wrong I definitely had a laugh when watching it, but mostly because I was so confused as to what I was actually watching. It’s definitely a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously, in any way whatsoever, and pushes oh-so-many boundaries which makes it the perfect April Fool’s flick.

Sausage Party is currently streaming on Netflix.

The one that fooled you into thinking it was serious – The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window (2022)

Yes, I know this is a TV series but it absolutely deserves to be included in the list, mostly because so many people were fooled into thinking this was a serious show.

Alas, it is not, like, at all.

Like Scary Movie, The Woman In The House… (please don’t make me type out the full title again) makes a fun mockery of Netflix’s original movie, The Woman In The Window.

This show pulled the ultimate “Hah, you’ve been fooled!” on those who watched it which I thought was so funny and very iconic. Even the title of the show is foolish.

I also love to see Netflix make a fool of themselves by parodying their original shows. That’s the light-hearted April Fool’s content we love to see here at Gizmodo Australia.

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window is currently streaming on Netflix.

Hollywood fooled you into thinking you liked this – Avatar (2009)

Did you actually like this movie or were you fooled into liking it because all of Hollywood told you it was good?

Avatar was forced down our throats by Hollywood to hype it up as the best movie ever made, much like film bros (and my editor) tell me that Quentin Tarantino is the greatest director of all time.

Don’t get me wrong, the visuals in Avatar are worthy of all the praise, but that’s literally about all that’s good in it. Nothing actually really happens and the plot becomes nonsensical the further into the movie you get.

So if you too want to be fooled by everyone, have a watch of Avatar and enjoy being transported into confusion.

Avatar is currently streaming on Disney+, with Avatar 2 hitting cinemas on December 15.

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