15 Cool Gadgets That Will Inject Some Fun Into Your Workspace

15 Cool Gadgets That Will Inject Some Fun Into Your Workspace
Contributor: Lucy Cocoran, Isabella Noyes
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When covered in an endless pile of paperwork and a labyrinth of cables, our home office can look as inviting as a snake pit. If you need some help choosing some fun gadgets that’ll brighten up your workspace and provide you with plenty of stimulation, then read on.

While working from home, your office should be the place that you feel the most comfortable and motivated to sit at while going about your day. If you work full-time, you’ll likely spend around 40 hours at your desk each week, so if you’re going to be returning to the same boring set-up each day, it might as well be pleasing to the eye.

From essential products like a wireless charger to a funny desk calendar, here are some desk gadgets that will transform your office from a snoozefest to a full-blown adult playground.

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The best home office gadgets to brighten up your workspace

A funny daily desk calendar, from $6.50

These daily desk calendars to liven up your home office
Image: Andrews McMeel Publishing

If there’s anything we look forward to when returning to our desk the next day, it’s when we get to flip the page of our beloved desk calendars. There’s always a funny or interesting new page to look at and it provides a great conversation starter for the day.

Here’s some of our favourites:

A cheeky desk plate, from $16.99

Desk nameplate
Image: Genuine Fred

If you want to have a little giggle to yourself at your desk everyday, you can try this daily desk plaque to match your mood. Let everyone know what you’re all about by flipping it to “bless this mess” or send a passive aggressive message by leaving it on “just email me”. You can grab yours here for $22.92.

Other fun options you can pick up include:

Magnetic Genius Paper Clip Holder, $14.95

Paperclip holder

Your office desk will always have zero paper clips or too many paper clips. There’s no midpoint between the two. If you’re currently swimming in paper clips, this handy dispenser is a fun way to keep all of them in one place. Just fling them at Einstein’s head for safekeeping.

Shop it here for $14.95.

Coffee Warmer, $49.99

Coffee mug warmer

We all treasure our morning coffee, so it’s a real shame when we get pulled into meetings and return to find it cold. A coffee warmer is a clever device that’ll keep your coffee at a lovely, warm drinking temperature. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Shop it here for $49.99.

Mini Desk Humidifier, $33.29


Humidifiers are great for people with allergies or respiratory issues – or for people who enjoy breathing clean air. Pop this on your desk and enjoy breathing in that sweet, moisture-filled air. Your skin will thank you for it.

Shop it here for $33.29.

Burrito Blanket, $25.90


We all know offices have a habit of cranking up the air conditioning, then the heating, then the air conditioning again. Instead of lugging a jumper into work everyday, it pays to have a blanket draped over your chair when the room its subzero temperatures. You need to have a little fun with it though, and these blankets are just the thing.

Shop it here for $25.90.

Cat Claw-Shaped Wrist Cushion, $16.99

Cat mouse pad
Image: EXCO

Our wrists can get sore with 24/7 clicking so investing in an ergonomic wrist pad could be a saving grace. These two are extra soft and will bring a playful element to your home office.

Shop it here for $16.99.

Newton’s Cradle, $28.99

Newton's Cradle is a stylish home office desk gadget that'll make your desk look more inviting
Image: BESLY

You know on those corporate office movies where the head honcho always has one of those mysterious ball mechanisms sitting on their desks? Well, turns out they’re called a Newton’s cradle and you can throw one on your desk too if you want to look like a boss. A Newton’s cradle is the perfect desk decor if you want your set-up to look more contemporary and mature. It doesn’t really serve any other purpose than demonstrating what momentum is.

Shop it here for $28.99.

3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Station, $31.99


This one sells itself really – a nifty place to charge all of your electronic devices at once while charging them wirelessly (because we all know they have a habit of dying at the same time).

Shop this wireless charger here for $31.99 with coupon.

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, $32.86

Mini desk vacuum is a fun desk gadget
Image: Wrapables

Got a build-up of biscuit crumbs on your desk while working from home? Don’t we all. One sweep with this bad boys and it’ll be sparkling clean again. It’s one of the handiest desk gadgets you could possibly own. Did we also mention that it’s a cow?

Shop it here for $32.86.

Magnetic Floating Globe, $35.99

Magnetic floating globe is a great desk gadget to stare at during boring meetings
Image: DCAUT

Screw grabbing one of those old-fashioned desk globes, the future is now. This levitating globe floats in mid-air through the use of magnets. This desk gadget is cool, enough said.

Shop it here for $35.99 with coupon.

Cute Cat Post-It-Note Dispenser, $19.47

Cat post-it note dispenser
Image: Post-it

You could keep your post-it notes in a boring drawer in your work from home desk or you could display them in this cute cat holder. The choice is yours.

Shop it here for $19.47.

Pen Grower, $6

Pen Grow is a fun desk gadget for plant-lovers
Image: CoolThings

This one goes out to all you plant-obsessed fiends out there. If you want an extra way to squeeze more plants onto your office desk, you can do so with this propagation pen.

Shop it here for $6.

Headphone Stand Hanger, $13.99

Image: JOTO

Having a handy place to store your headphones is a total game-changer – especially when you can stick it underneath your desk out of plain sight.

Shop this desk gadget here for $13.99.

Mini subwoofer dachshund speaker, $20

Dachshund subwoofer
Image: RP Minis

This one might be too cool (and too loud) to bring to your work from home office, but boy is it adorable. It’s a literal subwoofer, we’re done.

Shop it here for $20.