Upgrade Your Movie Night With $120 off This Bose Soundbar

Upgrade Your Movie Night With $120 off This Bose Soundbar
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Even though full, rich sound is an important part of the cinema and gaming experience, some of us are more than happy to just stick with the speakers in our TVs. If you really love your movies, TV shows or video games, the best thing you can do is add an external speaker to your setup. If you’re tight on space or you don’t have the money to shell out for a massive home theatre system, your best bet is to turn to a soundbar – and right now you can grab a massive discount on a great Bose speaker.

The Bose TV Speaker is an entry-level soundbar and is currently on sale for $297. While Amazon Australia has its RRP listed as $399.95, both Bose’s online store and JB Hi-Fi list its full price as $419.95 – which brings the total amount you’ll save up to $122.95. In any case, being able to save over $100 off a Bose product is nothing to sneeze at.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Bose soundbar.

What can the Bose TV Speaker do?

bose tv speaker
Image: Bose

Bose has a pretty great reputation when it comes to top-quality audio, and this speaker is no exception. Designed to sit comfortably underneath your TV, this Bose soundbar measures just under 60cm long and 5cm tall. But, despite its size, this soundbar can still pack a punch. It includes two full-range audio drives, which are angled to create spatial sound, with a centre tweeter.

If you struggle to hear people speaking in certain movies and TV shows, the soundbar also includes a “dialogue mode” feature, that will analyse your video and enhance the clarity of dialogue through the centre tweeter.

As we said, this is an entry-level soundbar, so it’s missing the app control and virtual assistant features of other Bose speakers. Although the lack of those features explains its comparatively lower price tag, making it a great budget option. If you already have a home theatre setup, you can also use the Bose TV Speaker to compliment your current speakers.

On top of everything else, setting up this speaker is simple. You can connect your TV to the Bose speaker via Bluetooth if you don’t want to add yet another cable to the rat nest behind your entertainment cabinet, or through an included optical cable. You can also connect it to your TV via HDMI, but if you don’t have an extra cable on hand then you’ll need to buy one separately

The Bose TV Speaker is available on sale here.