Jurassic Park’s Coolest Gadget Returns in New Trailer

Jurassic Park’s Coolest Gadget Returns in New Trailer

The fifth and final season of the Netflix animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is coming this summer and the show is pulling out all the stops to get fans of the dino franchise interested. Case in point, the first teaser includes an absolutely classic cameo from the original film. Not a character, a dinosaur, or even a pair of expensive night vision goggles. We’re talking about Dennis Nedry’s Barbasol can.

Fans surely remember that in Steven Spielberg’ original Jurassic Park, disgruntled coder Dennis Nedry was planning on stealing dinosaur embryos and selling them to the park’s competition. They even supplied him with a surefire way to smuggle them off the island: a container that looked just like a Barbasol-brand shaving cream can, except filled with coolant that could keep the embryos alive for the journey. Of course, a massive storm screwed up Nedry’s nefarious plan, leaving him as dilophosaurus food as the Barbasol can fell to the ground and was buried in mud.

And while the coolant in the can has surely worn off, decades later, someone has found it. And you can see it right here.

The moment happens 27 seconds into the 47-second trailer when one of the campers finds the long-since-discarded shaving cream can. Since it’s been on the island for so long, there’s little chance it’ll play much of a part in a story, but it’s still a fun throwaway moment, providing unnecessary but welcome closure before a volcano erupts and hypothetically kills everything on the island.

Because, you may not realise this, but the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous animated series is canon to the Jurassic films. It’s set between the events of the first and second films, despite this trailer saying “The kingdom has fallen” — which it hasn’t really, because the island is still there. But with all those other people arriving on the island, it seems like a fair bet that for the show’s final season, it’s going to link back to the movies.

Jurassic World Dominion, the Jurassic Park story this year (presumably) without a Barbasol can, opens June 10. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season five debuts on Netflix July 21.