Report: Ezra Miller’s Projects at Warner Bros. Put on Pause After Arrest

Report: Ezra Miller’s Projects at Warner Bros. Put on Pause After Arrest

DC and Warner Bros. executives held an “emergency impromptu meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future with the studio,” according to a new report from Rolling Stone. This meeting came after Miller’s recent arrest in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment after they yelled at karaoke singers, lunged at a man playing darts, and yelled obscenities (according to AP).

Miller, who uses they/them pronouns and identifies as nonbinary, is best known for their supporting roles as Barry Allen/Flash in DC’s Justice League properties and the Fantastic Beasts films (that series has its own problems). Their standalone DC film, The Flash, is slated for release on June 23, 2023, but there is no mention yet as to whether or not that film will move forward. According to Rolling Stone, one insider close to the production of The Flash says Miller had “frequent meltdowns” during production. A planned sequel to this unreleased film is now in an even more tenuous state following this alleged meeting.

According to AP, in late March a local couple in Hawaii claimed that after Miller made bail following the incident at the karaoke bar, they burst into their bedroom, yelled obscenities, threatened them, and then stole their wallets. This information was revealed in the restraining order they later filed. But Miller’s brushes with the law in Hawaii are only the latest in a pattern of concerning behaviour from the actor, who was recorded choking and then pushing a fan down in 2020, and in early 2022 threatened to murder a South Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan on Instagram.

This comes hot on the heels of Miller’s fan-favourite win at the 2022 Oscars for “Most Cheer-Worthy Movie Moment,” when the Flash enters the Speed Force during Zack Snyder’s Justice League. That moment, unfortunately, may be the last time we see the Flash on the big screen for a while.

io9 (Gizmodo) has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment and will update this post if and when we hear back.