The Witcher Season 3 Casts a Few Comic Book Heroes, and More

The Witcher Season 3 Casts a Few Comic Book Heroes, and More

The Witcher’s third season has entered production, and considering where we last left season 2 when everyone and their uncle wanted their hands on the power of young Ciri, it stands to reason we’re going to get a few fresh faces when we return to the Continent — several of them quite familiar.

Netflix has confirmed four new major casting additions for season 3, including Robbie Amell of The Flash and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City; Shang-Chi’s Meng’er Zhang; Hugh Skinner of Mamma Mia! and Fleabag; and Bloods’ Christelle Elwin. The Witcher’s third season has no projected release date as of now.

Amell will play an Elf named Gallatin, leading an army of the Scoia’tael — non-human guerrilla warriors also known as ‘Squirrels,’ who fight against human-centric oppression — working with the Nilfgaardians. Described as being “unafraid to speak his truth,” Gallatin is set on a collision course with the current leader of the Elven refugees, Francesca, played by Mecia Simson in season 2. Zhang will play Milva, a human adopted by the dryads of Brokilon forest and trained in their ways as a huntress.

“Exact archery skills coupled with a stone-cold aptitude for survival make her a formidable adversary in the unforgiving Continent,” a provided character description reads, adding “those that cross her, do so at their peril.”

Skinner plays Prince Radovid, the younger brother of the King of Redania. Thrust into a deadly game of political intrigue with his kingdom’s infamous network of spies and intelligence agents, Radovid uses his playboy charms to hide an “incisive” political skill. Rounding out the new characters is Elwin’s Mistel, a “street hard, suspicious of everyone” teenager who is a member of a gang known as The Rats, a ragtag group who steal riches from the elite to fill their own pockets and occasionally help fellow downtrodden peasant folk, until a “chance meeting” with someone promises to change her life forever.

The new faces join a returning cast including — deep breath — Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Joey Batey, MyAnna Buring, Tom Canton, Jeremy Crawford, Eamon Farren, Mahesh Jadu, Terence Maynard, Lars Mikkelsen, Mimî M Khayisa, Royce Pierreson, Wilson Mbomio, Anna Shaffer, Therica Wilson-Read, Cassie Clare, Mecia Simson, Graham McTavish, Bart Edwards, Simon Callow, Liz Carr, Ed Birch and Kaine Zajaz. Lotta people on the Continent these days!

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