Jesus, There’s Still Meant to Be an Avatar Game This Year, Too?

Jesus, There’s Still Meant to Be an Avatar Game This Year, Too?

The 13-year drought is really over in 2022, Avatar fans. Not only this week did we get our reminder that Avatar 2 — now subtitled The Way of Water — really is actually happening this year, now there’s even more Pandora to come: Ubisoft’s, uh, long-awaited (?) video game Frontiers of Pandora.

In a style truly befitting any Avatar adjacent project, Frontiers of Pandora — being published by Assassins Creed icon Ubisoft, and developed by Massive, the studio behind the post-apocalyptic shooter franchise The DivisionFrontiers of Pandora, was announced in 2017. It then promptly vanished into the ether, leaving people with the question “do people really still care about Avatar in this, the current year? And is that sequel still meant to be coming out!?”

Oh, people of five years ago, how little did you know. Frontiers of Pandora re-debuted at E3 2021 last year, looking like an actual video game that might come out, but Ubisoft remained silent on the project since then. That is, until today, Polygon reports, when it reminded investors on a shareholders call that Frontiers of Pandora is still set to hit PCs, Xbox Series consoles, and the PlayStation 5 this year, even if we’ve barely seen anything of it.

Which really, is pretty Avatar 2, too, considering we’ve only just gotten a glimpse of James Cameron’s sequel, and that’s due out in December. It wouldn’t too surprising if we learn more about Frontiers of Pandora this summer at events like Summer Games Fest and get a late-year release date to tie in with The Way of Water’s release. But there is something quite funny about two separate, long-in-the-making Avatar projects being announced, disappearing off the face of the earth, and then suddenly showing back up together, right?

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