NASA Wants to Send Human Nudes to Aliens and Hello Houston, Is This Grindr?

NASA Wants to Send Human Nudes to Aliens and Hello Houston, Is This Grindr?

Yes, you read that right, NASA will reportedly be sending human nudes into space in the hopes that it will attract the attention of aliens. I really wish this was a joke.

I have so many questions, firstly why? Secondly, where can I apply to be the model?  Thirdly, will we receive any alien nudes in return?

In an article originally published by The Sun, it was reported that NASA scientists believe that by sending out a binary code about our world and our genetic makeup, extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) will be able to recognise the information being relayed to them and respond. At least, that’s what their study says.

So these concepts were too wild for NASA, but this one isn’t?

This study forms part of the larger project called “Beacon in the Galaxy” (BITG).

I truly never thought that I would one day be writing about NASA potentially sending human nudes into space, but here we are.

NASA human nudes
Aliens looking for humans after they see our naked bodies. Image: Getty

But is NASA actually sending out human nudes in the message?

Not technically, no.

According to the study, the proposed message will include basic mathematical and physical concepts to (hopefully) establish a universal means of communication. Basically, the message will include details about the biochemical composition of life on Earth, the Solar System’s time-stamped position in the Milky Way with digitised depictions of the Solar System, as well as Earth’s surface.

Of course, the best part of all, the message will end with digitised images of the human form (aka our naked bodies), along with an invitation for any receiving ETI to respond.

So the aliens have to get through all the science stuff before they get to see the sweet goods we humans are packing? Bit of a tease from NASA, I must say.

The introductory message header, written in binary code, will act as a ‘notice me’ signal. This whole thing is just setting me up for jokes.

Because ETI can’t understand the feeble language of humans, binary code is more likely to be understood by them. The scientists’ reasoning for this was, “Binary is the simplest form of mathematics as it involves only two opposing states: zero and one, yes or no, black or white, mass or empty space,” meaning that it’s highly likely to be understandable to all ETI.

This really does sound like the start of some really weird galactic porn.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you’re into), the depictions of humans NASA are sending are in the form of a basic sketch and not actual human nudes. You can see the sketch below.

NASA human nudes
The nudes going out to the aliens. Image: NASA

Why are they waving you ask? Well, apparently if ETI is more likely to respond if the humans are presented as being inviting and welcoming. Clearly, we are catfishing the aliens because we are kind of known for not being that inviting or welcoming, but moving on.

Included in the sketch is a depiction of gravity because space is infamous for having zero gravity.

Turns out this isn’t our first message to the extraterrestrial world. In 1974, astronomers beamed up a message using the Arecibo radio telescope. This is the first, however, to show off our hot naked bodies.

It’s a bit of a shame NASA isn’t sending actual human nudes up to the aliens because as John Mayer said, my body is a wonderland and it would be rude not to show it off to the aliens.

Maybe this will help me find my E.T. boyfriend?

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