The Best Boys and Girls in Big Tech

The Best Boys and Girls in Big Tech

Tech leaders could probably use some reassuring pals right about now.

The industry’s top darlings watched as they collectively lost more than $US1 ($1.4) trillion in just three days last month. Public perceptions of many of those companies, meanwhile, continues to peter along at abysmal levels.

One can only assume under all that pressure, some of these CEO might try to find some solace in a furry, four-legged friend. Luckily, those aren’t in short supply amongst Silicon Valley’s elite. Whether it’s giant golden retrievers, tote bag-sized, Shiba Inu dogs, or whatever the hell Mark Zuckerberg’s dog is, pets are leaving their marks in tech bros’ homes. Sometimes literally.

Jeff Bezos

Owner’s job: Amazon founder, Blue Origin CEO, and Lex Luthor impersonator.

Dog’s name: Jeff Bezos Jr.

Dog Breed: Spot.

OK, just kidding. Bezos’ actual living, breathing canine pet is this admittedly adorable little black and white mess named Luna. The Dog Scanner app claims Luna is a an Old English Sheepdog.

Steve Wozniak

Owner’s job: Engineer and Apple co-founder.

Dog names: Wozniak has a house full of four dogs. Gizmodo was unable to confirm every dog’s name but two of them appear to be called Ziggy and Zelda.

Dog breeds: Mix between a Bichon Frise and West Highland Terrier according to Dog Scanner.

Elon Musk

Owner’s Job: CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink Co-Founder.

Dog name: Floki.

Dog breed: Shiba Inu, AKA the “Doge” dog.

Mark Zuckerberg

Owner’s role: Founder and CEO of Meta.

Dog’s name: Beast.

Dog Breed: Hungarian Sheepdog.

Stewart Butterfield

Owner’s Job: CEO of Slack.

Dog names: Busy and Lenny.

Dog Breeds: Unclear, though Dog Scanner claims Busy is a Poodle mix.

Brian Chesky

Owner’s Job Airbnb CEO.

Dog name: Sophie.

Dog breed: Golden Shepherd.

Sundar Pichai

Owner’s Job: CEO, Alphabet.

Dog name: Jeffree.

Dog breed: Labradoodle according to Dog Scanner.

Evan Spiegel

Owner’s Job: Snap CEO.

Dog name: Teddy. Technically the dog belongs to Spiegel’s wife, model Miranda Kerr. The pair have been married since 2017.

Dog breed: Mixed breed, according to Dog Scanner.

Kevin Systrom

Owner’s Job: Instagram co-founder.

Dog’s name: Dolly.

Dog breed: Golden Retriever.

Susan Wojcicki

Owner’s Job: YouTube CEO.

Dog name: Unknown.

Dog breed: Mixed breed, according to Dog Scanner.

Marc Benioff

Owner’s Job: Salesforce CEO.

Dog name: Koa.

Dog breed: Golden Retriever.

Benioff lovingly referred to Koa as Salesforce’s “Chief Love Officer.” Koa died in 2017 at 17 years of age.

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