Dbrand Jabs at the Nothing Phone (1) With Range of ‘Something’ Cases

Dbrand Jabs at the Nothing Phone (1) With Range of ‘Something’ Cases

Smartphone case maker Dbrand is doing Something… In response to Nothing.

This headline wasn’t intended to read as boringly as it did, but we’re at a point where companies are openly parodying the Nothing Phone (1), an Android smartphone built around minimalism while also taking itself a bit too seriously.

Dbrand is the company in question, a big case-making business that specialises in both rugged and aesthetically appealing cases. And they’ve done… Something.

The “Something” cases from Dbrand are meant to mock the styling of the Nothing Phone (1). If you didn’t know, the Phone (1)’s most unique feature is the backside, a transparent casing that lets you look at some of the internal parts, including LEDs that flash if you receive a message. To clarify, the Something cases just have the internal parts printed on them, it doesn’t actually make the back of the phone transparent.

“Minimalism for the masses”, the Something website reads.

“Imagine trying to break into the smartphone market. Turns out, having less money than Apple makes it a little difficult. Availability? Limited. Supply? Constrained.

“Even with a design so compelling that people pay ridiculous markups at StockX, nobody can get their hands on your fancy new flashlight. To top it all off, the assholes at Dbrand have parroted your design and are making it for the competition.”

You might remember Dbrand as the company that dared Sony to sue over their custom PS5 faceplates. They like to be a bit snarky on their website, as you can tell from some of their product descriptions, and have released jabs like the Something series before, such as the “(Not) Animal Crossing” line of skins.

I respect the hustle, Dbrand. You’ve spotted a phone going through a massive amount of hype and bought into it with a range of cases that, honestly, look quite good. Dbrand’s Something cases are available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Skins are also available for these phones, including one for the Apple Magsafe Charger.

Just don’t confuse these ‘transparent’ cases and skins with Dbrand’s “Teardown” initiative, which includes cases and skins that show the insides of your specific phone.

Cool stuff, Dbrand.