Eragon Will Return in a New Disney+ Series

Eragon Will Return in a New Disney+ Series

Bruce Campbell says Evil Dead’s Ash could return, butin animated form. The Simpsons will spook with not one, but two Treehouse of Horror specials this year. Go behind the scenes of Westeros in a new House of the Dragon video. Plus, what’s coming on the Riverdale season finale. To me, my spoilers!

Eragon Will Return in a New Disney+ Series


According to Deadline, Sarah Paulson is attached to star in Dust, a new horror film at Hulu from directors Will Joines and Karrie Crouse. The story is said to follow “a woman who is trapped by increasingly perilous dust storms and is haunted by her past encounters with a threatening presence and takes extraordinary measures to protect her family.”

The MCU/Pizza Poppa

Though likely joking, Bruce Campbell told Variety he’s signed a three-picture deal with Marvel, going on to suggest his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness character is “not just a pizza vendor. Not even close.”

I think I need to clarify something: If you think of him as just the Pizza Poppa, you’re very, very confused. And you’re very wrong. In the multiverse, if he’s in one universe, he’s in all universes. Think of it not as a cameo, but as a building block for the multiverse. There’s so many things that you don’t know. Mostly, you don’t know that I’ve signed a three-picture deal with Marvel. This is not a one off thing. I’m really gonna be in trouble just for saying that. Don’t get hung up on Pizza Poppa, he’s not just a pizza vendor. Not even close.

Children of the Corn

According to ANVL Entertainment’s official website, the upcoming Children of the Corn reboot is scheduled for an unspecified “fall 2022″ release date.


Hulu has released two new posters for Prey.


A24 has also released a poster for its upcoming X prequel, Pearl.


Ash Vs. Evil Dead: The Animated Series

In a separate interview with Collider, Bruce Campbell additionally revealed there’ve been talks of an Ash Vs. Evil Dead animated series.

Yeah…as an animated series. You pick up right where the show left off. You can do the future a lot easier in animation. I still sound like Ash, and you know, my voice hasn’t been as beat up as my body has been so I can still do that crap. So I’ll still do the video game. And we’re already talking about an animated [series].

Eragon: The Series

Variety also has word a TV series based on Christopher Paolini’s Eragon novel is now in development at Disney+. Paolini will reportedly co-write the series alongside executive producer Bert Salke.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

During a recent panel at San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed The Simpsons will enjoy two separate Treehouse of Horror episodes this year. The first is said to be a full half-hour parody of It starring Krusty the Clown, while the second will include a segment lampooning the Death Note multimedia franchise featuring animation from an unspecified Korean studio. [Screen Rant]

Tales of the Walking Dead

BloodyDisgusting also has a new poster for Tales of the Walking Dead.

Photo: AMC
Photo: AMC

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon

The cast and crew discuss their excitement about making the Game of Thrones prequel in a new House of the Dragon featurette.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Likewise, the cast and crew discuss their excitement about developing a Pretty Little Liars sequel (with additional slasher elements) in a new Original Sin featurette.


The Hosts are said to have “puppet strings long enough to strangle the world” in the trailer for “Fidelity,” next week’s episode of Westworld.

Roswell, New Mexico

Meanwhile, Alex falls in a hole in the trailer for “Missing My Baby,” next week’s episode of Roswell, New Mexico.


The Archies spend their last day on Earth together in the trailer for next week’s season finale, “Night of the Comet.”


Reginald the Vampire

Finally, Syfy has released a new trailer for Reginald the Vampire, its upcoming horror-comedy series starring Jacob Batalon.

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