Evil’s Katja Herbers on Why ‘Chaotic, Unhinged’ Kristen Is Her Favourite Version of the Character

Evil’s Katja Herbers on Why ‘Chaotic, Unhinged’ Kristen Is Her Favourite Version of the Character

With Evil’s third season now in its second half, members of the cast assembled at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to chat about the current state of our favourite spooky spiritual investigators — plus offer a sneak peek at what’s to come as we slither toward the season finale on Paramount+.

Taking the stage in San Diego were Katja Herbers (Dr. Kristen Bouchard, agnostic/mum of four very chatty daughters/margarita fan); Aasif Mandvi (Ben Shakir, tech expert/computer whiz/master of snark); and Christine Lahti (Sheryl Luria, Kristen’s mum/worshiper of creepy dolls/fashionista). Before the panel, attendees got an advance screening of Sunday night’s “The Demon of Cults” — a ripping episode that touches on several of season three’s ongoing storylines, and also sees Kristen, Ben, and Father David (Mike Colter) investigating a back-to-the-land cult when one of its members appears to become possessed.

Speaking about her character’s evolution from season one until now, Herbers had obviously given it a lot of thought. “I’m just very excited about how she’s transformed. I started off quite innocent in the first season. Then in the second season, I morphed into this sort of maybe-possessed evil, dark person. I killed someone at the end of the first season and I was carrying all that guilt over having done that — also I did think that guy deserved to die,” she added. “It’s been wild, it’s been strange for me, actually, in the third season to go back a little bit where I am now no longer on the dark side. I’m trying to navigate still being this person who takes someone out in the supermarket with a bag of frozen French fries [as we saw earlier in season three; pro-tip: never cut the line on Kristen Bouchard].”

Herbers continued by saying that Kristen’s growth is “really fun, now that she’s doing it in a controlled way. In the second season, she was doing it in a bit more unhinged way, although I have to say chaotic, unhinged Kristen is my favourite,” she laughed. “And I think she’s a feminist hero in a way. She doesn’t take any shit from men, and she’ll do anything to protect her children — the way we just saw [in “The Demon of Cults”] and my missing egg [possibly stolen by a demonic fertility clinic, in one of the series’ ongoing storylines], we’re going to get into that in the rest of the season.”

New episodes of Evil stream Sundays on Paramount+.

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