Mob Psycho 100’s Season 3 Opening is Trippy as Heck

Mob Psycho 100’s Season 3 Opening is Trippy as Heck

The new season of Studio Bones’ Mob Psycho 100 is a couple months away, and soon, fans will be reunited with Mob, Reigen and the rest of that show’s lovably strange cast. It’s been a few years since the anime based on creator ONE’s 2012 manga aired, but absence often makes the heart grow fonder, particularly in regards to anime. And ahead of the new season’s fall premiere, its opening has been released at Crunchyroll Expo.

Like with the first two seasons’ opening songs of “99” and “99.9,” season three’s opening song, “1″, comes from Japanese band Mob Choir, who was created specifically for the show. And like those previous openings, the intro for season three is just dazzling from a visual perspective. The frequently shifting faces and colour is both disorienting and rewatchable in a surreal sort of way.

Anime openings are always fun to watch, both for the great songs they feature, and the visuals that accompany them. Few things are as satisfying as discovering that a show you were excited for has a 90-second intro that’s so great you plan on ripping the music from YouTube as soon as the episode is over. (Speaking from experience!)

The new season of the hit anime will see Mob try to figure out his future post-high school as a cult has arrived in town in search of an individual with psychic powers they wish to exploit. Season three will be adapting chapters 92-97 of the manga, also known as the “Divine Tree” arc. Since Mob Psycho 100 capped out at 101 chapters, there isn’t that much ground left for the anime to cover before Mob and Reigen’s story comes to an end.

Mob Psycho 100’s third season will debut on Crunchyroll this October.

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