She-Hulk Episode 2 Had Some Big Reveals, Here’s What the Head Writer Said About Them

She-Hulk Episode 2 Had Some Big Reveals, Here’s What the Head Writer Said About Them

Once again, the second episode of She-Hulk had some really excellent connective tissue for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. New characters and situations are introduced that not just explain where and when the show is happening, but tease what’s going to come next.

To hopefully get some more insight on it, we spoke to She-Hulk’s head writer, Jessica Gao, about two specific spoilers, and we hope you check out the video below. After you’ve seen She-Hulk episode two of course.

Image: Marvel Studios

She-Hulk episode two ends with, first, Abomination (Tim Roth) escaping prison and joining an underground fight ring — a scene we see in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. So we now know that this is taking place at the same time as that film, and we’re sure to get more context in episode three. However, in the previous episode, Bruce Banner, as Smart Hulk, says Jen’s blood completely healed his arm. Which doesn’t seem to line up with the fact that we see Bruce Banner in the end credits scene of Shang-Chi, still with the hurt arm.

We asked Gao about it and she says that despite it maybe not being clear, the timing does work out. And we also asked the bigger question: what’s up with Bruce now heading off to space? Here’s the video below.

The timing of Bruce’s arm is still a little confusing. We know thanks to the first episode of She-Hulk that there are at least “a few months” between Jen becoming She-Hulk (during which Bruce says her blood healed his arm) and the Abomination scene, which is the beginning of Shang-Chi. The timing of this episode clearly shows that at the exact same time the Abomination scene is happening, Bruce Banner is already heading out into space as Smart Hulk. That means that the conversation he has with Shang-Chi, Wong, and Captain Marvel either happens while he’s in space, or he comes home. Either way, his arm is still injured. Didn’t he say it was Jen’s blood healed him? Why is his arm still injured?

Screenshot: Disney+
Screenshot: Disney+

Well, the only explanation, which Gao seems to hint at, is that his arm is healed as Smart Hulk, but not as Bruce Banner; he just knows since it heals better as Banner, he prefers to stay in that form whenever he can. Where he is when he’s a hologram in Shang-Chi remains a mystery. Or at least has to, to keep it all in check.

As for Bruce going into space, we love the possibility of learning more about his time on Sakaar. We know he was beloved and revered but was there more? It certainly seems so. Do they want him back to fight some threat? Will we ever get to see it? Some people seem to think this might be a tease for World War Hulk. Could it be? No matter the case, the scene does 100% let you know this is not a Hulk show. It’s a SHE-Hulk show. And that, as Gao says, was the main point.

The first two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are now on Disney+. Seven more to go.

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