The Company Behind Pokémon Go! Is Powering Mercedes’ Next-Gen Infotainment

The Company Behind Pokémon Go! Is Powering Mercedes’ Next-Gen Infotainment

Unity Technologies’ graphics engine powers tons of popular modern mobile and desktop games and soon it’ll be powering your Mercedes dash.

Mercedes-Benz’s current MBUX infotainment system is really, really good. It’s smart, responsive, easy to navigate and simple to use. How then is Mercedes supposed to improve on that for its next-generation platforms? Well, I’ve got two words for you: Pokémon Go!

OK, hold on. I’ll explain. When I say Pokémon Go, what I actually mean is that Mercedes is partnering with a company called Unity Technologies, whose technology powers the graphics of tons of super popular games – both mobile and on desktop – one of which is Pokemon Go.

The new infotainment system will be called MB.OS, and according to a report published on Monday by Automotive News, it’s set to make its debut on 2024 model Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If Mercedes follows the same kind of rollout that it did with MBUX, we’d expect to see MB.OS in A-Class and C-Class models first, followed by everything else.

“With our own operating system, we want to achieve three key things: to shape the user interface according to a luxury brand, to create a bidirectional communication with the customer and to integrate the digital lifestyle of the customer into the vehicle domain,” said Magnus Östberg, chief software officer for Mercedes-Benz, in a statement to Automotive News.

While we won’t see MB.OS until at least next year, we have already seen some of the work that Unity and Mercedes have been doing together with the Mercedes Vision EQXX, which debuted earlier this year at the CES show in Las Vegas.

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