The Internet Is Kicking Toxic Jerk Andrew Tate off the Funniest Places

The Internet Is Kicking Toxic Jerk Andrew Tate off the Funniest Places

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer-turned-misogynistic-internet-guru-for-incels, was recently kicked off every major website you could think of for being a piece of shit. But his legacy now lives on as the butt of everyone’s memes.

In case you’re not terminally online like the rest of us and are wondering why you’re hearing about this dumbass in a Gizmodo article, allow me to explain. Despite claiming he’s not an “internet guy,” Tate rose to prominence because, among other things, his connection with Twitch streamers who helped platform him on their streams. Why would these streamers platform him? He’s good content. Not in the sense of being “good” but because having him on their streams helps farm the controversy machine, which in turn drove up engagement, all of which platforms reward with views This in turn allowed Tate to share his sexist views of women and his totally-not-a-pyramid-scheme (source: trust me bro) to an impressionable young audience. Tate is also under investigation for human trafficking and rape allegations.

Safe to say things started going downhill for Tate after Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker beat his arse in the free marketplace of ideas with facts and logic about empirical (not imperial) evidence on why Tate saying women can’t drive is just his luddite opinion. Since then, social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok banned the cue ball off the internet. Sad. Tate did manage to post a sort of final message for his Tater tots on YouTube before getting banned. It’s over an hour long and blah blah blah, cry about it.

Tate getting banned managed to yield a modicum of clout for God’s favourite sexist: he became a meme. Folks are sharing memes announcing Tate has been banned from a cavalcade of bizarre places in celebration of him getting the ban hammer online. Like the in memoriam section of the Oscars, let’s have a moment of laughter over some of the best “Tate gets banned” memes.

It’s not often that art imitates life in such an eclectic way, but the meme that Tate was permanently banned from The Sims 3 store just tickles the soul. We at Gizmodo would be remiss not to remind you, the gamer, that the Sims 3 store has been shut down for years. But it doesn’t make Tate getting banned there any less funny. He wouldn’t be cut out for The Sims 3 store anyways. It requires good ideas and creativity and he’s recycling sexism and Ponzi schemes from the ‘80s.

Tough break Tate, looks like the internet hit the slay button on any hopes of you ever rearing your narrow behind on RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar app. Such a shame too, Tate has quite an elegant runway walk for someone who probably doesn’t wash his legs.

It takes a lot of talent to be too carny for wrestling but somehow that geek pulled it off. We wish you luck on your future endeavours. Is he gone? Fuck that guy. What a mark. Shout out to Twitter user @hiddengemmy for using a picture of WWE superstar Ricochet who shares an unfortunate resemblance to Tate. P.S,. Ricochet is a cool guy who does all the nice flippies in the ring and is nothing like Tate!

In case you are just waking up from a 13-year coma and still have the Beer Simulator app installed on your phone, first off respect for being the least funny guy at the party. Second, holy crap you missed out on a lotta shit! Third, good luck acclimating to the hellscape that is modern day.

Moving right along, I hope Tate wasn’t planning on buying any antiques to display alongside his Bugatti and his bedside machete. Arte Fact doesn’t take kindly to sexists. Good boy.

It goes without saying that Tate probably getting banned from Splatoon 3 worked out for everyone because Tate strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks video games are for babies. He’s got big “my brother only let me play with the unplugged controller” energy.

Arguably Tate would fit right in with the “frat boy” work culture Activision Blizzard has been accused of fostering where women across multiple studios were allegedly sexually harassed.

Obviously Tate is experiencing troubling times not being able to receive praise by zoomers on Twitch. But for a “Top G” like himself, getting banned from fake places like social media platforms didn’t remove the lustre from his bald head. Like a washed up celebrity clinging to relevance by embarrassing themselves on Dancing with the Stars, Tate is getting interviewed by Fox commentator and “guy who’s just asking questions” Tucker Carlson, tonight. No doubt he’s gonna cry about being “cancelled.” Not Top G behaviour, btw.

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