Loved The Sandman? Here Are 5 TV Shows You Should Watch Next

Loved The Sandman? Here Are 5 TV Shows You Should Watch Next
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It’s taken thirty years, but a screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s famous comic series The Sandman has finally arrived. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should, and if you have, you’re probably dreaming of another TV show to fill the void while we wait for news on season 2 of The Sandman.

Here are some similar TV shows that will make the wait a little easier.

TV shows that are similar to The Sandman

American Gods

neil gaiman shows the sandman american god
The Sandman, similar TV shows. Image: Lionsgate Television

The Sandman is not the first TV show based on Neil Gaiman’s work and it probably won’t be the last, therefore, one of the closest relatives you can find on streaming is American Gods.

The fantasy TV show follows Shadow, an ex-convict who becomes a bodyguard for Mr Wednesday, who is secretly a Norse god in disguise. Shadow then becomes embroiled in the tensions between the old gods, like Odin and Loki, and the new gods, who are embodiments of things like Media and Technology.

Watch American Gods on Prime Video.

Good Omens

good omens tv shows neil gaiman the sandman
The Sandman, similar TV shows. (Image: Prime Video)

Another Neil Gaiman work that should help fill The Sandman gap in your heart is Good Omens.

The incredible duo of David Tennant and Michael Sheen star as Crowley and Aziraphale, an angel and demon who form an unlikely bond as they respectively try to bring about and stop the impending armageddon.

Watch Good Omens on Prime Video.


lucifer what to watch australia season 2 the sandman
The Sandman, similar TV shows. Image: Netflix

Believe it or not but the Lucifer who starred in six seasons of his own crime series is the same one that was introduced in The Sandman comics.

Lucifer is an alternate take on the character, which sees the devil (Tom Ellis) flee his responsibilities in hell to take up residence in Los Angeles, where eventually finds purpose in solving crimes and punishing evildoers in the land of the living.

It’s actually a pretty phenomenal take on the crime procedural genre with plenty of fantasy elements and iconic characters appearing over the series’ six-season run.

Watch Lucifer on Netflix.


constantine tv shows the sandman
The Sandman, similar TV shows. Image: NBC

If you were enamoured with Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine in The Sandman you may be interested in another version of the character.

Johanna was a gender-swapped version of the DC comics character but John Constantine did receive his own TV show back in 2014. Matt Ryan starred as the demon hunter in Constantine, a series that saw him travelling the world and sending supernatural terrors back to their own realms.

Stream Constantine for free on 9Now.

The Witcher

the witcher december streaming australia
The Sandman, similar TV shows. (Image: Netflix)

If the dark horror-fantasy world of The Sandman appealed to you then you’ll find an equally gritty world depicted in The Witcher.

Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, a mutant beast hunter who travels a land known as the Continent, killing the monsters no one else will. The Witcher is set against a rich fantasy backdrop that blends supernatural creatures with magic and the politics of warring kingdoms and races.

Watch The Witcher on Netflix.

Will there be a season 2?

sandman season 2 netflix
The Sandman season 2 (Image: Netflix)

Look, these TV shows are great and all, but they can’t live up to the thing we’re all really missing, The Sandman.

So far, Netflix has not confirmed whether a second season of The Sandman is happening. However, there’s certainly room for one.

The first season left us on quite a cliffhanger that could definitely feed another season, not to mention Netflix’s The Sandman has only covered the first 16 issues of the comic book run so far, leaving plenty of content for more episodes.

Neil Gaiman has spoken about plans for the future of the series, telling Bustle they have an idea of how they’d adapt the entire comic book run and have laid some foundations already in this first season.

“We’ve shot footage in Season 1 that we would need if we ever get to Season 5. We know how we would do the entire Sandman storyline up to and including the last one, Sandman Overture.”

Now, all we need is that green light from Netflix.

If you want to watch The Sandman, you’ll find all ten episodes streaming on Netflix now.