From Vodka to Jet Fuel, Here’s How Air Company Is Making CO2-Based Products a Reality

From Vodka to Jet Fuel, Here’s How Air Company Is Making CO2-Based Products a Reality

A New York-based company turning CO2 into vodka has moved onto its next big innovation: jet fuel.

We first learned about Air Company, the startup that turns CO2 into vodka in a nightclub-turned-distillery in New York, a couple of years ago. The pitch at the time was the world’s first “carbon-negative spirit”, an attractive prospect if I’ve ever heard one, especially considering the rising levels of carbon in the atmosphere.

Broadly speaking, Air Company creates carbon dioxide-based products, including “Air Eau De Parfum”, which offers a genderless scent, air vodka (restock pending) and air hand sanitiser.

But now, the company has turned its sights on a slightly different CO2-based product: a sustainable aviation fuel.

The fuel is called Airmade Sustainable Aviation Fuel (or Airmade SAF for short) and the company already has agreements with JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic and Boom Supersonic for the purchase of over four billion litres of the product.

The fuel has also just been tested by the U.S. Air Force in an unmanned flight.

“Our goal as an organisation has always been to expand into industries where our technology will have the largest impact and the most CO2 reduction,” said Gregory Constantine, the CEO and co-founder of Air Company.

“We have been quietly working on this innovation, and we’re proud to debut this SAF technology and commercialisation in partnership with some of the most impactful and innovative companies in the world.”

Air Company uses a proprietary technology that “mimics photosynthesis” to create ethanol, using renewable electricity the whole time. It does this on a metric ton scale and its method is entirely available online. The company also explains the process on its website.

Obviously, aviation needs to decarbonise and sustainable, CO2-based jet fuel could definitely help it along the way. Having less dependency on fossil fuels is always a good thing.

The entire industry represents some 2-3 per cent of global CO2 emissions and could definitely benefit from more environmentally friendly technology.

You can read the press release online.

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