John Williams Debuts the First Music for Indiana Jones 5, and It’s Great

John Williams Debuts the First Music for Indiana Jones 5, and It’s Great

Indiana Jones 5 was always fated to be a big deal, both for being the potential swan song to Harrison Ford’s adventurer, and for featuring the final film score by composer John Williams. (He’ll continue to compose independent orchestras and symphony pieces.) Williams turned 90 back in February, and has done the music for all Jones films and the mainline Star Wars movies, and some of its spinoffs. Details on Indy 5 remain incredibly scarce, but Williams has gone and played one of the themes from the upcoming film.

Specifically, the theme for Helena, as played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Williams performed it at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, with the express permission of Indy 5 director James Mangold. “Jim said, ‘Why don’t you play at the Bowl next week?’” recalled Williams. “I told Jim that the picture’s not coming out til next year! ‘That doesn’t matter, play it at the Bowl!’” He then went on to briefly describe Waller-Bridge’s character, referring to her as “adventurous, a femme fatale,” with the lyrical music of an old movie star.

Mangold later took to Twitter to share the YouTube video above, and also to shower Williams with praise. “Astonishing to consider the worldwide impact of John’s music & his ability to tune modern ears into the passion & purity of an orchestra,” he wrote. “It’s a euphoric honour to collaborate w/ him.”

Indiana Jones 5 will release on June 30, 2023. Hopefully, we’ll hear more of Williams’ music for the film before the year’s out.

[via Polygon]

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