Sonos Sub Mini is the Ray Soundbar’s New Best Friend

Sonos Sub Mini is the Ray Soundbar’s New Best Friend

Sonos has introduced the Sonos Sub Mini, as it says on the tin, it’s a mini subwoofer from the sound kings.

The Sonos Sub Mini is touted by the company as being “the wireless subwoofer for bold bass”. It’s also meant to be its more budget-friendly sub, but its price tag ($699) says otherwise.

Sonos reckons pairing it with your soundbar or speakers will “enhance scenes and songs with surprisingly rich, clear and balanced low end”. But while the Mini might be good (we don’t know yet, we’re taking Sonos’ word for it), don’t expect it to be as good as the Sonos Sub. The only subwoofer Sonos currently sells is the $1,099 Sonos Sub Gen 3. That beast will stay, the Mini will be for smaller set ups.

Sonos in May unveiled a new (welcome) addition to its family, the Ray, a cheap soundbar that doesn’t compromise all that much on sound quality.

At the time, we wrote that it was inevitable that Sonos would follow through with a budget offering. Its speakers have been lauded about for over a decade for their relative room-filling sound.

Ray is a more entry-level device alongside Sonos’ $699 Beam 2 and the $1,499 Arc soundbars. Ray costs $399 and when weighing up the price and quality, our review gave it five stars. At nearly half the price of the Beam 2, it seemed silly to spend $1,099 on a soundbar to complement Ray. Enter the Sonos Sub Mini.

sonos sub mini
Image: Sonos

The Sub Mini boasts dual force-cancelling woofers that Sonos said generate deep, dynamic low end while minimising buzz, rattle or distortion. It has dual 6-inch woofers that face inward for a force-cancelling effect. The sealed cabinet, Sonos said, also neutralises distortion and enhances the bass response.

The Mini connects wirelessly, but there is an ethernet port if that’s more your thing. You can also control the sub in the Sonos app, which is standard now for all Sonos’ products. It boasts TruePlay, which measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings and other surfaces in a room, then tunes your Sonos device to make sure it sounds great in the space you have.

You can pair the Sonos Sub Mini with Ray, Beam, One, One SL or SYMFONISK speakers, but of course not third-party ones.

It weighs 6.35 kg and measures 230 mm x 305 mm x 305 mm.

The Sonos Sub Mini (in black or white) will set you back $699, and while that’s expensive, you can get yourself a sub and soundbar combo for $1,098.

It will be available from October 6.

This article has been updated since it was first published.

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