Smell Like Batman Without Running Around in a Suit of Body Armour

Smell Like Batman Without Running Around in a Suit of Body Armour

There are a lot of things about Bruce Wayne that people want to emulate — his incredible wealth, his debonair ability to switch between a billionaire/playboy/philanthropist and a vigilante who roams the streets of Gotham searching for bad guys to beat up — but if you were ever curious about what the Dark Knight might smell like, House of Sillage has created a collection of fragrances just for you.

Let’s start with The Batman: Vengeance which will have notes of bergamot, cardamom, and tonka bean. There’s something else here called “Heart Notes” and “Base Notes”, which include cashmeran and oakmoss, and I’m sure if I cared more about perfume I would know the difference, but I can assure you I do not. What I do know is that $US295 ($410) dollars is too much for a branded scent whose main appeal seems to be the Batman logo on the bottle.

If the nearly-300-dollar price tag doesn’t dissuade you from looking further, there’s a Limited Edition Hero Fragrance that’s nearer to $US400 ($555), and includes “over 100 hand-placed diamond-cut Swarovski crystals” and apparently smells like a leathery orchard, complete with musk. I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money all so that when someone asks them what they’re wearing they can whip out a cowl and say “the night,” but it ain’t me.

There’s also some branded lipstick, for the ladies, more daring men, and enbies of all sorts, but give TikTok a few hours and I’m sure you can find a dupe in no time. If you’re looking to literally burn money, there is a candle available that presumably smells a lot like the Hero Fragrance, but at $US60 ($83), it’s a steal. Sort of.

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