Someone Seems to Be Spamming Alex Jones’ Websites With Videos of Him Drinking

Someone Seems to Be Spamming Alex Jones’ Websites With Videos of Him Drinking

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, seems to have an enemy. The Daily Dot reports that two of Jones’ video-hosting sites appear to be getting spammed with a supercut of clips of the the right-wing host day drinking while at work. Where the video came from, why anyone would put together such a thing, and whether Jones is actually drinking alcohol in these videos, is unknown.

The Dot reports that a link to the video has been popping up on Jones-related accounts on both Bitchute and — the platforms that host most of Jones’ videos since he was kicked off of YouTube and other mainstream websites. The link, which has since been taken down, materialised in the text boxes of multiple videos hosted by the websites, including The Alex Jones Show and InfoWars.

Clicking on the link took users to another file hosting site that purports to be run by a “Groyper,” a type of far-right white supremacist. The site includes a bizarre rant about the “jewish controlled media” and also a downloadable link to an MP4 file that contains the video of Jones drinking. The video file is entitled “Don’t Spy on Your Employees” and seems to contain security camera footage of Jones repeatedly walking to a cabinet in his office to retrieve some sort of beverage. If it is alcohol, the security footage appears to show Jones drinking as much as eight bottles of the mystery booze over the course of seven days. At one point, Jones is seen to toss an empty bottle at a trashcan but misses.

So, yeah…just what is happening here? Did a Nazi hack into Alex Jones’ accounts to post this weird montage? Did a disgruntled employee do this? Your guess is as good as ours. We reached out to InfoWars to see if they could help explain what was going and will update this story if Jones responds.

The Daily Dot has similarly offered little in the way of explanation: “It is unclear if InfoWars backend hosting channels have been compromised, if it’s the work of hackers or someone with access to the channels,” the outlet reports. You can view the montage for yourself below:

Whether Jones is known for drinking copious amounts of alcohol while on the job is unknown. In 2020, Jones was charged with drunk driving in Texas, after his then-wife called the cops on him and reported that he might be driving under the influence. At the time, Jones claimed that he had been targeted by a “dragnet.” The charge was later dropped.

Of course, whether someone is outing Jones’ on-the-job drinking habits or not is the least of the conspiracy peddler’s problems right now. The pundit recently lost a lawsuit filed by the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims (Jones set himself up for that one when he claimed that the shooting was a “hoax” which led to the parents being harassed) and has been ordered to pay nearly $US50 ($69) million as a result. He is also facing two other similar lawsuits. 

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