10 Smart Devices We Simply Cannot Live Without

10 Smart Devices We Simply Cannot Live Without
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Last night was one of the first nights I slept without a Google Nest Hub tracking my sleep and upon waking up and remembering I couldn’t get a summary of how poorly my slumber went, I realised it’s probably the one smart device I can’t live without. Of course, aside from my phone.

I thought I’d see if anyone else in the Gizmodo Australia office was just as reliant (or in love) with a piece of smart tech. A little bit of an existential Monday crisis for us all.

So, whether you want to confirm your tech addiction is shared among friends on this website, or you’re looking for purchasing inspiration, here are the smart devices we can’t live without, in absolutely no particular order.

Google Nest Hub

You already knew this one was coming, but…

smart devices
Image: Google

“The Google Nest Hub tracks my sleep and it’s the first thing I look at when I wake up. When I don’t stay at home, I get anxious not knowing how poorly I’ve slept, even though the bags under my eyes are telling me,” Asha.

Where to buy the Google Nest Hub: eBay ($94.80) | The Good Guys ($149) | MyDeal ($88)

Devanti Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin

This is how you know you’re an adult…

smart devices
Image: Devanti

“I didn’t know my life was missing something until I got a motion sensor bin. There have been so many foot-pedal bins in my life that have eventually broken, meaning that I have to touch the bin despite it making me gag. The Devanti Motion Sensor Bin changed my freakin’ life and made it sure easy for me to throw stuff out when my hands are full. My housemates and I figured out that we can just pelvic thrust or hip thrust at the sensor, meaning it’s not only a simple and hygienic experience, but it’s also a very funny one too. Obsessed,” Ruby.

Where to buy the Devanti Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin (45L): Catch ($82.52) | eBay ($82.95 with the code CRHNG) | MyDeal ($82.99)

Apple AirPods 2nd-gen

No need for an upgrade just yet…

smart devices
Image: Apple

“I was a late adopter to the wireless Bluetooth AirPods and now I truly struggle without them! I lost them for two days last week and realised how much I rely on them. I almost constantly have music playing in my ears,” Jasmine.

Where to buy Apple AirPods (2nd-gen): Amazon Australia ($185) | Apple ($219)

Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI

Are we being adults or just lazy…

Image: Ecovacs

I love this robot vacuum! Since I have the fluffiest cat, my carpets are constantly covered in fur sheddings. I can’t relax if my floors are dirty, so I like to schedule cleans all the time while I’m out, so I don’t have to obsess as much! The robot also has a camera installed so if I ever have to leave my cat overnight, I can control the vac like a remote control car to check on her and talk to her!,” Bella.

Where to buy the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI: Amazon Australia ($2,499) | eBay ($2,379, with the code CRHNG) | Ecovacs ($2,499)

The Nanoleaf Canvas

We do love pretty lights…

smart devices
Image: Nanoleaf

“While I have a lot of smart devices, such as smart bulbs, Google Nests, an Android TV and an iPad for smart functionality, my Nanoleaf wall panels really change my mood when I’m at my desk. At night, I have them set to ‘campfire’ which makes it look like a digital fire, and during the day, I have them set to ‘forest’ (the greens make me feel more productive),” Zac.

Where to buy Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit: Amazon Australia ($349) | eBay ($331.55, with the code BRANDSOFF5) | MyDeal ($349.95) | Nanoleaf ($349.99)

Apple Watch SE

If it ain’t broke…

Image: Apple

“My Apple Watch is the greatest addition to my life, I got it just before lockdown last year and made it my mission to close my rings every day for the entire lockdown period. I DID IT!!! The challenge I set for myself got me through a very anxious time in my life. I love that it keeps me accountable, especially when I see my friends closing their rings or doing workouts. It’s definitely made me a healthier and more active person and was the start of a whole ~ lifestyle change ~ for me,” Josie.

Where to buy the Apple Watch SE: Amazon Australia ($397) | Apple ($399)

Apple TV

We’ve kind of got a soft spot for Apple’s walled garden it seems…

smart devices
Image: Gizmodo Australia

“I swear by this thing. Not only does it put all my streaming apps together in one place, but I can also Airplay anything from my phone or laptop really easily. I even use it to workout with Apple Fitness which became my gym during lockdown. Plus, I enjoy being hypnotised by the Apple TV screensavers,” Lauren.

Where to buy Apple TV: Amazon Australia ($219) | Apple ($219) | eBay ($215)

iPhone 13 mini

The small phone that’s no longer for this world…

Image: Apple

“I refuse to give up my iPhone 13 Mini. Even though I’ve got really long fingers, I just can’t get around those giant phones. The smaller model actually fits in my pocket and vintage handbags,” Melissa.

Where to buy the iPhone Mini 13 (512GB): Amazon Australia ($1,399) | Apple ($1,569)

Nanoleaf Essentials bulb

More Nanoleaf…

Image: Gizmodo Australia

“My favourite smart device is my Nanoleaf Essentials bulb. I am a big baby when it comes to being slightly inconvenienced by apps, but I find Nanoleaf’s companion program to be incredibly easy use. For such a small device, it goes a long way to change the mood of our living room – whether it’s dropping the lights to something warmer or cycling through a colour Scene while watching a movie. The range of colours is truly astounding,” Chris.

Where to buy Nanoleaf Essentials bulb: The Good Guys ($39.99) | MyDeal ($39.85) | Nanoleaf ($39.99)

Telstra T-Box

This one I was not expecting…

Image: Telstra

“I had a Telstra T-Box that I loathed for years and after recently losing it in a move, and having to rely on an old Chromecast to watch stuff with my housemates on, I miss it so bad. If it wasn’t buggy as hell it would be the perfect minimum viable ‘smartify your TV’ product. The Foxtel button was never once pressed deliberately,” Mateus.

Where to buy the Telstra TV: Telstra ($216)

Well, there ya go, the smart devices we cannot live without!

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At Gizmodo, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.