Star Wars Returns to Skirmish Miniatures (Again) In Shatterpoint

Star Wars Returns to Skirmish Miniatures (Again) In Shatterpoint

Star Wars has a long, long history on the tabletop, whether it’s through RPGs, spacebound strategy games like X-Wing and Armada, or miniaturized ground warfare from the halcyon days of the Wizards of the Coast and Star Wars: Legion. Now, as Yoda once said, there is… another.

Today, Atomic Mass Games and Asmodee announced Star Wars: Shatterpoint, a new skirmish-sized tabletop miniatures game set in the galaxy far, far away. Primarily set during the events around the Clone Wars, Shatterpoint sees Jedi and Clonetroopers tussle against the forces of the Separatists, or Maul battle against Mandalorian loyalists, as squads race to complete objectives on the battlefield and use their abilities to lock down the opposition.

While the game will draw comparisons to the ongoing Star Wars: Legion — formerly made by Fantasy Flight Games, and now supported by Asmodee and Atomic Mass to co-exist alongside this new title — Shatterpoint appears to have more in line with Atomic Mass’ Marvel miniatures game, Crisis Protocol. So far, there don’t appear to be any vehicles like speeder bikes or walkers as Legion has, and the force sizes appear to be much smaller, focusing on heroes and villains like Obi-Wan, Anakin, Dooku, Maul, Grievous, Ahsoka, and Ventress — with only a couple of general Clones or Droids as back-up. Unlike X-Wing and more akin to Crisis Protocol and Legion, however, is that these are unpainted miniatures, so you’ll have to get your brushes out to turn your force into a Star Wars-worthy squad.

We’ll find out more about Star Wars: Shatterpoint as we get closer to its launch in June 2023.

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