James Mangold Drops More Hints About Indiana Jones 5

James Mangold Drops More Hints About Indiana Jones 5

We’ve got a lot of teasers and trailers coming out from all over the globe! From slashers to spies to time-travellers, there’s a ton of stuff being released in a slow drip to keep audiences on the edge of their seats through the holiday season. Don’t peek under the tree just yet, you’ll spoil your surprise!

James Mangold Drops More Hints About Indiana Jones 5


Deadline reports Gabriel Byrne has joined the cast of the John Wick spinoff Ballerina in a currently undisclosed role.

The DCU/Shazam!

Zachary Levi revealed he’s confident Shazam will not be recast under James Gunn’s tenure as creative director of the DCU.

Don’t Move

According to Deadline, Sam Raimi is attached to produce Don’t Move with Hammerstone Studios, a new horror film from 50 States of Fright directors, Adam Schindler and Brian Netto. Adapted from a script by T.J. Cimfel and David White (Intruders), the story concerns “a seasoned killer” who “injects a grieving woman with a paralytic agent. She must then run, fight and hide before her body completely shuts down.”


THR reports the upcoming Twister sequel is now scheduled for a July 19, 2024 release date.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

James Mangold revealed Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character, Helena, is “a daughter of a friend of Indy’s” who has “gotten herself into a bit of trouble” in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She’s a daughter of a friend of Indy’s, who we will also meet in the movie. Helena’s gotten herself in a bit of trouble, and brings [that] to Indy’s doorstep. She’s a character who’s a wonderful set of contradictions — charming and brilliant, but also a lot of trouble.

Project Wolf Hunting

In a coordinated escape attempt, convicts aboard a cargo ship accidentally unleash an experimental super soldier in the trailer for Project Wolf Hunting, a film Bloody-Disgusting hails as “one of the goriest and most violent action slashers [they’ve] ever seen.”

Alone at Night

Meanwhile, a cam girl vacationing at a remote cabin draws the ire of “a masked killer wielding a crowbar” in the trailer for Alone at Night, a new horror movie boasting appearances by Luis Guzmán, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and model Winnie Harlow.


Variety reports Melanie Lynskey’s husband, actor Jason Ritter, will guest star in one episode of Yellowjackets’ second season. Details on his character are not available at this time.


TV Line has word Mindy Kaling’s adult-oriented Scooby-Doo spinoff will premiere Thursday, Jan. 12 on HBO Max. Two of the first season’s ten episodes will release each week.

Trigun Stampede

The official Twitter page of the upcoming Trigun reboot has our first look at Meryl Stryfe’s redesign.

Star Trek: Prodigy

The Protostar crew “attempt to stop their ship from destroying all of Starfleet” in the synopsis for tomorrow’s episode, “Supernova, Part 1.”

Surrounded by the Federation armada, the crew attempts to stop their ship from destroying all of Starfleet.

Written By: Erin McNamara

Directed By: Andrew L. Schmidt

[Spoiler TV]

National Treasure: Edge of History

The kids meet “famous treasure hunter Riley Poole (from the National Treasure movies…)” in the synopsis for “Charlotte,” the December 28 episode of Edge of History.

For the first time ever, Jess finds herself in a puzzle-solving slump when she can’t crack the clue found in the last episode. Her personal life isn’t any less confusing as she tries to figure out if she and Liam have romantic feelings for each other. At the wake for Liam’s grandpa, Jess and her friends meet famous treasure hunter Riley Poole (from the National Treasure movies) and enlist his help. Jess’s puzzle-solving skills are put to the test when she and Riley get caught in a deadly trap.

[Spoiler TV]

La Brea

TV Line has a couple images from La Brea’s two-part January 31 episodes, “Stampede” and “Murder in the Clearing.”

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Quantum Leap

Elsewhere, KSiteTV has several photos from “Fellow Travellers,” the January 2 episode of Quantum Leap. Click through to see the rest.

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

The Last of Us

Finally, the Clickers are formally introduced in a new Last of Us TV spot.

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