Twitter Blue To Relaunch Soon, As Musk Confirms 4,000 Character Tweets Are Coming

Twitter Blue To Relaunch Soon, As Musk Confirms 4,000 Character Tweets Are Coming

Holy cow, there’s so much happening in the Twitter world right now, from the relaunch of Twitter Blue to the selling off of office equipment.

The social media site continues its steady implosion with the relaunch of Twitter Blue, the subscription service that gives you access to a checkmark, Tweet editing, NFT profile pictures (yuck) and 1080p video uploads.

The relaunched service now includes… three features listed as ‘coming soon’, including the ability to post longer videos, see half the ads and appear at the top of replies, search results and mentions.

At the moment, you can only subscribe on iPhone, although the Twitter Blue page says that this is only for now. It’ll cost $US11.99 per month for the subscription, with Australian pricing to be confirmed. On other platforms, it’ll cost $US8 per month.

But when it rains in Elon land it pours, and unfortunately, we can’t leave the site for too long otherwise another bit of news will drop.

Next bit of news: Elon Musk has confirmed that the character limit for tweets is being increased to 4,000 (up from 280).

Respectfully, a 4,000-character tweet is just about as long as one of our morning 5 Things articles, so while it is a sizeable increase in the number of characters allowed on tweets, be prepared for your feed to look a bit like Reddit. I’m not ready for how unbearable the site will get with so many characters.

But, hey, Twitter main character Musk couldn’t leave it there over the weekend, no sir. It was also announced that Twitter was going through an office fire sale, including chairs, computers and espresso machines, however the kitchen sink he rocked up with on his first day would be staying. Auctions will begin on January 17, as per Heritage Global Partners.

The show goes on, in between instalments of ‘the Twitter files’ and claims that the site has secret blacklists to quell information.

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