Roku Is Branching Out With Its Own Brand of TVs

Roku Is Branching Out With Its Own Brand of TVs

Roku has announced it’s launching a TV brand. Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs will be available in 11 different sizes later this spring. The launch includes a new wireless soundbar and an OLED reference design for Roku’s manufacturing partners.

The Roku Select and Plus Series TVs range from 24- to 75-inches and come in HD or 4K configurations. All TVs will include Roku’s voice-capable remotes, with the Plus Series TVs accommodated by the Roku Voice Remote Pro, which is rechargeable. All the TV models will include features like Find My Remote, Private Listening via connected earbuds, and Roku’s live content offerings.

This is the first time Roku is branching out on its own. Up until now, it’s partnered with brands like TCL, Sharp, and HiSense with the Roku software preloaded onto the hardware.

“With our own branded TVs, we’re gonna have the capability and the choices to develop showcase features that have traditionally been reserved for premium TVs but offer them at obtainable price points,” said Chris Larson, VP of Retail, in a video call with Gizmodo. “These new Roku TVs are designed and built to compliment the current lineup of Roku-powered smart TVs from our OEM partners. We plan to share all these innovations with our Roku TV partners so they can include them in their televisions as well.”

Roku is running the same strategy that Google has pushed forward with Google TV and Amazon with Fire TV. But Roku’s biggest selling point is that it’s a little more agnostic than Google and Amazon’s offerings, which might appeal to more households that don’t necessarily care for either ecosystem.

Roku is also announcing a new OLED reference design for its OEM TV partners. This should help add some premium designs to Roku’s lineup. Currently, it’s seen as more of an affordable TV brand. This move seems particularly suited to compete with brands like Samsung and LG, which also have smart TV platforms.

If you’re interested in holding out for a Roku-branded TV, the Roku Select and Plus Series TVs will be available in spring 2023. The TVs will range from $US120 ($167) to $US1000 ($1,388).