Don’t Worry, Riverdale’s Final Season Will Still Be Ridiculous

Don’t Worry, Riverdale’s Final Season Will Still Be Ridiculous

If you watch the utter madness that has been Riverdale, you know season six ended in a place where… well, everyone on the show seemed both happy and safe. That’s thanks to Cheryl Blossom’s sorcery and a meteor a dark wizard conjured to hit Riverdale, which — as one would expect — sent everyone into a new universe where they’re innocent teens in an idealised 1950s. But as this seventh-season trailer reveals, even ‘50s Riverdale can’t stay innocent for long.

One more thing to remember: Jughead is the only one who remembers Archie, Betty, Veronica, and their pals are from the future, a frustration that led to the utterly perfect image above. But without further ado:

See? Sure, it seems all the dead characters have been resurrected, all relationships have been reset, and everyone’s (other than poor Kevin Keller) enjoying their lives. (My favourite part is how everyone’s dressed as their classic Archie comic counterparts, forcing poor Cole Sprouse to wear Jughead’s iconic and hopelessly anachronistic whoopee cap.) But then someone’s going to hack apart Archie, Ethel’s covered in blood, Betty’s frothing at the mouth, and yep, Cheryl’s still some kind of sorceress.

Here’s the wild thing: Even though this trailer features this stuff, it honestly looks comparatively tame compared to previous seasons. After all, the show’s more than dabbled with serial killers and magic before, but it’s also had multiple cults, an appearance by the literal devil, aliens, bear attacks, nun mass suicide, and more.

But I’m not at all worried that the show is going to hit the brakes on the insanity now. We’ll just have to wait and see when Riverdale’s seventh and final season premieres on Netflix March 30.