Ex-Tesla Engineers Created an EV Camping Trailer That Pushes Itself

Ex-Tesla Engineers Created an EV Camping Trailer That Pushes Itself

If you’re in the market for a swanky camper to tow behind your enormous truck, you’ve got a lot of good options to choose from these days. There are the classic stylings of an Airstream or the modern minimalism of a Bowlus trailer to try and pick between. Or, you could go for something more modern looking like this: the Lightship L1.

This futuristic camping trailer has been designed by a duo of ex-Tesla engineers and features a few innovative party tricks. As you might expect from a pair of EV experts, the trailer features a hefty 80 kWh battery pack. But unlike most trailers that use their batteries to power things like fridges and lights, this power pack is used to run electric motors that turn the camper’s wheels.

Why would you want a camper that can push itself around, I hear you ask. Well, according to Lightship it’s all in aid of keeping the range and efficiency of the vehicle that’s towing the trailer. According to Lightship, thanks to the onboard motors, a “483 km range electric vehicle (EV) used to tow it remains a 483 km range EV, and a 25-mpg gas truck remains a 25-mpg gas truck.”

Ex-Tesla Engineers Created an EV Camping Trailer That Pushes Itself
Cupboards and tables and chairs, oh my! (Image: Lightship)

What’s more, this RV has even more electrical trickery up its sleeve. The engineers also fitted the roof with three kW of solar power, which the company says can run the needs of its occupants for “week of off-grid power without charging.”

It’s a pretty impressive sounding machine, and gets even more appealing when you hear about its living quarters, which, after all, are the most important thing about any camping trailer.

First up, there’s the pop-top. The whole camper has been designed to fold in on itself to reduce drag while driving. This means that when you stop to set up camp, you have to raise up the roof to create a 3.05 m tall RV.

Inside all that space, you’ll find an “ecosystem of all-electric appliances,” which could include an electric refrigerator, oven and stove top. There’s also a small bathroom that comprises a shower, toilet and sink.

Ex-Tesla Engineers Created an EV Camping Trailer That Pushes Itself
Taking the term ‘panel van’ to a whole new level. (Image: Lightship)

In the living space, Lightship will fit the trailer with a “flexible lounge space” that can be used as a seating area and doubles up as a bed. That seating area is also surrounded by panoramic windows, to give you the best views of wherever you’ve chosen to spend the night.

Across the trailer, you’ll also find loads of cupboards and storage space for all your travelling essentials, and a large worktop for all your food prep needs. I must say, it all looks very neat.

In total, the Lightship L1 measures 8.23 m long, eight-feet six-inches wide and six-feet nine-inches tall, in it’s folded down, road-going mode. It weighs 3,402 kg when fully loaded and Lightship says it has space for four to six passengers, “depending on configuration.”

Ex-Tesla Engineers Created an EV Camping Trailer That Pushes Itself
I just popped up to say hello. (Image: Lightship)

For now, this is just a concept that we can all enjoy, but Lightship is taking pre-orders for the L1 ahead of its launch.

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