Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Good morning, hope your week has been fab so far. We’ve got some things happening in the tech/science world we’d like to share with you.


1. Tweets vanishing? You’re not alone

If your tweets are disappearing, it may not just be your eyes playing tricks on you. Twitter users are seeing tweets seemingly vanish before their eyes as the social media platform struggles with yet another setback. Complaints around disappearing tweets aren’t entirely new, but whether Twitter has the engineering staff to quickly solve this most recent issue is yet to be seen. While we’re on tech platforms not working how they should, users of Apple Music on Reddit have reported a very strange bug where their playlists are being modified or shared without their consent.

2. Nothing to hear here

Although Nothing is a relatively young company, it’s finally old enough to sell an updated version of one of its existing products, which in this case happens to be the company’s very first product: the Ear (1) wireless earbuds. When we reviewed them back in 2021, we liked their unique design that also brought with it excellent sound and decent active noise-cancelling performance. They weren’t the best wireless earbuds in any specific category, but as a whole, they were a very capable and affordable alternative to competitors’ products at the time. The buds have now received an upgrade. Take a look at our review over here.

3. More responsibility for cyber

Over on iTnews and the local tech publication attended the Australian Information Security Association’s Cyber Conference yesterday, reporting that Minister for Cyber Security Clare O’Neil flagged making the tech sector bear more liability for insecure products during her keynote speech. It’s reported that O’Neil flagged support for businesses to improve cyber security, along with educating them “to understand that cyber security and trust is a competitive advantage”, and continue building the infosec workforce in government and the private sector.

4. Bad news for Bitcoiners

Reuters is reporting that Bitcoin dropped 4.5 per cent to $US26,916 on Wednesday, losing $1,276 from its previous close. Bitcoin, the world’s biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, is down 7 per cent from the year’s high of $28,936 on March 22. The report also notes that Ether, the coin linked to the Ethereum blockchain network, also dropped (by 4.67 per cent to $1,722.6), losing $US84.3 from its previous close. Yikes.

5. AFP restructures to thwart cybercrime

In response to the sheer amount of cybercrime out there, the AFP has announced a restructure. The AFP will now have four Deputy Commissioners to “combat growing criminal threats”. “This restructure comes as the AFP’s remit continues to increase, in part driven by the complexity of cyber crime and other tech-enabled criminality,’’ AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said in a statement. “Comprehensive legislative frameworks, including a number of national security laws passed since 2001, have cemented the AFP’s responsibility to keep Australians safe and protect Australia’s way of life.”

BONUS ITEM: They’ve found a way to make people look forward to doing their taxes, and enjoy the process. The ATO could probably stand to learn something from it.

See you tomorrow.

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