What If a Tesla But With Wheels From an Old-School Wagon

What If a Tesla But With Wheels From an Old-School Wagon

I love it when a YouTuber does something goofy, something truly wacky, and now one has slapped wagon wheels on a Tesla Model 3, making it look like a mix between an old-timey wagon and a Musk Mobile.

Firstly, here’s the video. It’s pretty funny throughout, not just for the fact that it features a suspended Tesla on 10-foot wheels, but for the fact that he rips on Tesla a bit. It does have some dark humour involved when talking about autopilot in a school zone (probably because of this).

The project was pulled off by YouTuber Whistlindiesel, or Cody Detwiler. Detwiler has made headlines before for other car-related videos, including one where he put spikey wheels on a Ford F-350 and bought a $AU600,000 Ferrari just to… Destroy it? Dude, Why?

A similar philosophy has been applied to the Tesla Model 3. Driving it around… questionably, Detwiler manages to drive the car while it has a wheel clamp attached to it, jokes about the autopilot features in a school zone, drives it with several phones mounted to the windshield and… Hacks up the backseat with a chainsaw. Needless to say, don’t try this with your car.

But that’s not why we’re interested in the video – we’re interested in it because Detwiler managed to drive the Tesla with wagon wheels… And also upside down. Yup.

Teaming up with U.S. car modding company Fitment Industries which provided the wheels, Detwiler suspended the car in the air to fit the new wheels. He then backs a Ferrari under the elevated car, to show us just how much ground clearance it now has.

“We had to make these [wheels] 10-foot tall so the car can fit upside down without touching the ground,” Detwiler said in the video.

By 8:48 in the video, the car is driving with the modifications applied. Bystanders are visibly perplexed by the wagon Tesla, with the car rattling its wheels as it stops at a petrol station.

Then by 9:45, Detwiler starts to flip the Tesla with an excavator.

“Why are cars not upside down? Look at all the storage space,” Detwiler adds, now standing on the flat inverted bottom of the car.

The car manages to drive upside down very slowly in the video, and the whole time I’m watching, I’m left with the need to remind people again: please do not attempt this.

And then at 12:20, Detwiler wrecks the wagon-wheeled Tesla by pelting it down a hill. I hope they at least recycled the lithium.

Anyway, that was fun. I just wanted to share it with you all.

If you’d like to try this with an electric car (please don’t), you’ve got several to choose from.