The Dungeons & Dragons Movie’s Final Trailer Is Very, Very Weird

The Dungeons & Dragons Movie’s Final Trailer Is Very, Very Weird

It’s a mere eight days before Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves hits theatres, a movie that by all accounts is quite fun if not particularly consequential. Seriously, I haven’t heard anybody bad-mouth the film since its first trailer was released back in July of 2022. So why does this final trailer seem so convinced that everyone thinks the movie is terrible?

The trailer is so bizarre that the choice to use /Film’s quote about how it contains “The most Chris Pine a Chris performance has been in a long time” is not the weirdest thing about it:

The trailer begins with “Forget everything you think you know… everyone is raving about Dungeons & Dragons!” Charitably, it reads like the announcer is certain everyone thinks the movie is going to be a huge pile of crap, but don’t listen to the haters! Except… there aren’t any? Seriously, the film’s gotten good critical reactions and looks — and has always looked — like a lot of fun! There’s a giant list of publications that have given the movie positive reviews right in the trailer! It’s weirdly defensive, trying to fight a problem that doesn’t seem to exist.

With that in mind, it sounds more like the announcer wants you to have some sort of amnesia before you go to watch the film when it premieres on March 31. “Forget everything you know! …also, unrelatedly, people seem to like Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. It’s Chris Pine-y as hell, guys. You like Chris Pine, right? Well, forget that you like Chris Pine, too! I demand it!”

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