All the New Star Wars Movies and TV Shows Coming Our Way

All the New Star Wars Movies and TV Shows Coming Our Way
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Star Wars isn’t just the original trilogy, prequels and sequels anymore: there are tonnes of movies and TV shows that are next in line for the spotlight.

When the rights wound up in the hands of Disney, the franchise machine was pushed into gear. The seventh mainline movie led to spin-offs, TV shows and video games, with many more on the way.

And now we’re staring down the barrel of a dozen new Star Wars projects. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan, and there’s plenty to look forward to in the near future.

Here’s every major Star Wars TV show and movie currently in development at Disney.


Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano is set to return in Ahsoka, a solo TV series spinning out of the events of The Mandalorian. This show will explore Ahsoka’s future as a ‘lone ranger’ in a deadly world as she grapples with her status as a warrior.

It’s currently unknown whether the show will pick up the threads laid down in The Mandalorian, but if it does it may feature Ahsoka attempting to locate Jedi Ezra Bridger following the events of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. It will most certainly feature fan favourite character Thrawn (played by Lars Mikkelsen) as a major villain.

It’s expected that Ahsoka will stream in August 2023.

Star Wars Visions: Season 2

Star Wars: Visions is a collection of animated shorts created by a selection of Japanese studios — and it’s freaking amazing, offering some of the most creative and colourful Star Wars stories ever written.

A second season is on the way, and will be released on May 4, 2023. That’s Star Wars day. A big difference this time around is that it’ll be animated by international studios, not just Japanese anime studios.

You can watch the phenomenal first season on Disney+.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is an upcoming TV show directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home). As per Star Wars Celebration 2022, we now know that it’ll have Jude Law in the leading role, and that it’ll have kids in the cast, but it isn’t meant to be a kids show.

The story will follow a group of children around 10 years old from a small planet who get lost in the galaxy and are trying to find their way home. The series will take place during the same time period as The Mandalorian and the Ahsoka series. It has been described as a galactic version of classic Amblin coming-of-age adventure films of the ’80s, so expect some major Steven Spielberg vibes incoming.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is expected to stream in 2023.

Andor: Season 2

After an absolutely phenomenal first season, with a narrative that truly redefined the level of stories that can be told within the Star Wars universe, Andor is getting a Season 2.

We know that it’ll involve a lot of time jumps between episodes, leading right into the beginning of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We’ll get to see the rebellion gain traction and build upon the phenomenal first season.

Andor’s second season is expected to stream sometime in 2024.

You can watch the first season on Disney+.

The Acolyte

The Acolyte is a new “mystery-thriller” TV series helmed by Russian Doll creator Leslye Headland and is set to follow the rise of the ‘dark side’ of the force in the final days of the High Republic.

This new show will star Amandla Stenberg, and according to the Bespin Bulletin, Darth Plageius will make his cinematic debut in the series.

Outside of this, there’s no meaty news for The Acolyte just yet.

David Filoni’s Star Wars movie

David Filoni, a director on The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian is directing a Star Wars film, as announced at Star Wars Celebration 2023. It’ll be an event movie that ties off The Mandalorian and Ashoka.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Star Wars movie

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (the director of Ms. Marvel) is set to direct a Star Wars film focusing on sequel trilogy protagonist and Jedi Rey. Rey will be attempting to build a new Jedi order in the film.

James Mangold’s Star Wars movie

James Mangold, the director of Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, is directing a Star Wars prequel movie, set 25,000 years in the past and focusing on the origins of the Jedi order.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film

Taika Waititi’s stratospheric rise to success owes a lot to 2014 mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows and the Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok, but the filmmaker will also spare some of his talent and time for an upcoming Star Wars film for Disney.

He’ll be joined by screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns, but we don’t know much else about the film outside of it being one of the more exciting prospects on this list.


Lando Calrissian is set to get a new solo “event series” from Dear White People director and writer Justin Simien, but mystery still surrounds the project. We don’t know what it’ll focus on, however, we do know that Donald Glover will return for the role.

We don’t know when Lando will be coming.

Star Wars: A Droid Story

Star Wars: A Droid Story isn’t a project we know a lot about — but it was announced alongside new tales in the Star Wars universe in December 2020.

So far, what we know is it’s set to be an animated TV show following a brand new character who’ll be joined by series veterans R2-D2 and C-3PO on an epic quest. Outside of this description, we don’t know what A Droid Story really looks like.

That’s everything at the moment

Those are the next Star Wars movies and TV shows to be released at the time of writing, but to tide you over, there are also several games coming out.

Several projects have been cancelled, removed from active development or pushed off the release calendar, including Rangers of the New Republic, Rogue Squadron, David Benioff and DB Weiss’ trilogy and Rian Johnston’s trilogy.

Every new project will eventually hit Disney+, as Disney owns the rights to the entire franchise.

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