Koenigsegg Set a New Zero to 402km/h to Zero Record

Koenigsegg Set a New Zero to 402km/h to Zero Record

The Koenigsegg Regera, which is almost a decade old, has been setting speed and braking records for a few years now, the kind of thing Koenigsegg does for fun, because at this point they don’t have much to prove to anyone but themselves. On Friday, Koenigsegg said that a Regera set a new record from zero to 400 kph to zero and zero to 250 mph to zero, at 28.81 seconds and 29.60 seconds, respectively, apparently besting Rimac in the process.

The record, Koenigsegg says, was verified by Racelogic, a British tech company. The record run was on a runway at Örebro Airport, which is about halfway between Gothenburg and Stockholm. Koenigsegg that this run was aided by better tires — Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs — and a “smoother track compared to previous record runs.”

Koenigsegg offered a simple explanation for why they bothered at all.

So, why set these new records with a car that is long off the production line? Because it can! Because it is still the King reigning supreme in today’s super competitive automotive landscape, and that is something that should be celebrated with a new record.

I agree, when you are the king you must continually go to an airport runway and prove again and again that you are the king, lest some chump like Rimac comes and steals the crown. At any rate, a record like zero to 250 mph to zero is easier for most people to understand than, say, a new fast time around the Nürburgring, because there are fewer annoying complications at play like car categories and whatnot. Zero-to-fast-to-zero is exactly what it sounds like. With the lack of wheel spin in the video, the way Koenigsegg did it was almost polite.

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