You Got Games On Your Peloton Treadmill?

You Got Games On Your Peloton Treadmill?

Peloton has announced that the Tread, which recently launched in Australia, will be getting a new, game-based fitness section called Lanebreak Tread.

This isn’t a completely new concept for Peloton, and follows on from the Lanebreak Bike last year, the gamified workout routine section that Peloton Bike and Bike+ owners can take advantage of.

Well, now, two years after the Peloton Tread was originally released in the U.S., and four months after the Tread launched in Australia, Tread users now officially have games on their treadmill.

“The Peloton experience has been infused with gamification principles since the beginning, with features such as the in-class leaderboard, achievements, and streaks. Lanebreak was created to offer an entirely new workout experience that combines an expertly designed workout with immersive graphics, energising playlists, and enhanced game mechanics. Lanebreak classes are fun, immersive, and drive you to hit workout cues in a unique way,” Peloton co-founder and chief product officer Tom Cortese said.

The Peloton Tread Lanebreak exercise section is available to all Tread owners and subscribers at no additional cost, with the same music, speed, and incline tweaking settings that other workout routines offer. In the game, users need to match their incline and speed according to the prompts on the screen.

peloton lanebreak tread
This is what Peloton’s gaming workout looks like Image: Peloton

Points are scored by collecting and staying inside ‘moments’, which require you to set your incline and speed adjustments accordingly. When approaching what Peloton calls a ‘hill’ moment, the incline will be adjusted automatically to follow the prompted curve on the screen.

Users can choose from a range of different levels, with different premade playlists and workout types available. Music genres include pop, electronic, R&B, hip hop, rock, metal, country, and Latin. A 30-minute level has also been created and curated to the music of DJ Tiësto, with songs from his new album.

“Lanebreak Tread has been informed by member feedback and we’ve injected the excitement and competitive elements of gaming to create a fitness experience that is tailored to the Peloton Tread. As with all we do at Peloton, we’ll continue to iterate by adding new levels and music genres,” added Cortese.

This is a pretty cool update and it’s natural to have followed on from the already existing ‘Lanebreak’ mode on Peloton bikes, but it’s worth mentioning that Peloton is a pretty expensive service.

In Australia, a Peloton Tread will cost you $4,445 for the treadmill alone, but you’ll also need to keep up a $59 per month membership to even use the device.

As someone who loves the idea of gamified fitness tech, you might also be interested in Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game available on the Nintendo Switch that has you jogging and exercising with a big, stretchable ring. It’s a bit cheaper than a Peloton, with a Switch costing $399 these days, and Ring Fit costing $89 (which includes the necessary accessories).

But still – gamified workouts rule.

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