Sony Just Dated 2 Mysterious New Marvel Movies

Sony Just Dated 2 Mysterious New Marvel Movies

When a studio puts a movie on a release date, it’s a good sign. It means the company thinks the movie will be done and finished by that time. On Thursday, Sony gave dates to two new, untitled Marvel movies. One is specifically noted as “live action” and the other is not. Sony only controls one Marvel universe — the Spider-Verse — so we wonder, what could these movies be?

The first “Untitled Sony/Marvel” movie has been dated November 8, 2024 and will screen in IMAX. The other “Untitled Sony/Marvel Live Action” movie was dated June 27, 2025 and it too will screen in IMAX. So first, let’s say what they aren’t.

Kraven the Hunter should be the next Sony Marvel movie and it’s scheduled for release October 6. El Muerto, for the moment, is next on January 12, 2024, followed by Madame Web on February 24, 2024. Finally, there’s Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, which currently is scheduled for March 29, 2024. These newly dated films are, probably, not any of those. But there’s always a chance one or more of those gets moved. El Muerto, in particular, seems like a candidate.

So what else is there? Well, Venom 3 is the most likely film to be coming after that. Plus, both the previous Venom films had October releases, so a November release date would fit. With a director and stars attached (Kelly Marcel is helming), that project is the furthest along. Now, Venom 3 is live-action and the November film doesn’t specifically say “live-action,” but it doesn’t say “animated” either. Nothing else is scheduled for that date yet.

As for June 27, 2025? That’s basically a July 4 release. It’s got to be something big. And, the fact it’s specifically designated as “live-action” really makes you think one thing: Tom Holland’s return as Spider-Man. Disney just landed the live-action Moana on that date, which should be pretty huge, so Sony wouldn’t schedule something opposite unless it was a major event too.

But could it also be something else? Like a live-action Miles Morales movie? Olivia Wilde’s movie? Sure. Anything is possible. Morbius 2 is “possible.” But knowing there’s an idea out there for a new Spider-Man movie, getting that prime summer release feels like the next move.

Let us know what you think these mystery movies are below.

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