Woolworths Is Selling Steam Decks Now (Let Me Explain)

Woolworths Is Selling Steam Decks Now (Let Me Explain)

So, a funny thing happened on the Woolworths supermarket website this morning. Steam Decks went up for sale. All three models are advertised on the page, but it’s only the 64GB version that’s currently available for sale.

This requires some clarification right off the bat. Yes, you can now buy a Steam Deck from the Woolworths website. No, it’s not actually Woolies doing the selling.

What you’re seeing here is actually Everyday Market, a platform that online retailers like Woolworths, Bunnings, and others use to offer a range of products from third-party sellers beyond what would typically be considered their remit. Hence, you can now buy a Steam Deck from the website of a major Australian supermarket chain.

What’s important to note is that this is still a grey import Steam Deck. You’re not buying from Valve (or even an authorised reseller) when you purchase a Steam Deck from the Woolworths website. You’re still buying from a third-party importer, and as such, your hardware will not be covered by Valve’s manufacturer warranty. If there is a problem with your purchase, under Australian retail law, it is the seller that must help you resolve it, though there may be complications there too, because it’s technically another retailer that’s selling the product, and Woolworths is their proxy. I don’t even know that it comes with a charger that fits an Australian wall socket (though you can just charge it via USB).

Obviously, if you understand the risks and are still prepared to take the plunge, then may the Force be with you.

Woolworths is far from the only Australian retailer selling grey import Steam Decks now. Kogan’s had them in its store for some time. Amazon Australia was using them in advertising during its Black Friday sales last year. There are many, many avenues for getting your hands on a Steam Deck in Australia if you want one badly enough.

Officially, the Steam Deck is still unavailable for sale in Australia, and at the time of writing, there is no indication that Valve intends to start shipping its market-leading handheld here anytime soon.

Thanks to The Wailing Ghost Of Ruby Innes for whispering this tip directly in my ear like an arctic breeze.