This Amazing Star Trek Box Set’s Answer to ‘How Much Captain Picard Do You Want?’ Is ‘Yes’

This Amazing Star Trek Box Set’s Answer to ‘How Much Captain Picard Do You Want?’ Is ‘Yes’

From TNG to Picard, Jean-Luc has had a hell of a ride in the Star Trek galaxy — and now, an overwhelming majority of it is going to find itself bundled all into one pricey, but glorious package.

As part of today’s Captain Picard Day celebrations, Paramount has revealed the Star Trek Picard Legacy Collection, a massive, command-red-coated box set that collects basically every major appearance by Patrick Stewart across his tenure. Except, presumably, the first episode of Deep Space Nine, where he shows up to get yelled at by Sisko for being responsible for the death of his wife at Wolf 359 — but honestly it’d be really funny if it did, just for completeness’ sake.

Anyway, the Legacy Collection bundles together Blu-ray copies of all seven seasons of The Next Generation; the recently remastered re-releases of the four TNG crew movies: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis; and, for the first time, all three seasons of Star Trek: Picard. On top of that, it comes with a few Picard-suitable souvenirs: a collection of magnets designed to represent each of the combadges Picard wore throughout his career; four Chateau Picard-branded coasters (presumably to put a glass of your officially licensed Picard family wine on, because if you’re gonna go all in, go all in); a deck of Starfleet-themed playing cards for poker night; and a rerelease of Chip Carter’s quote anthology book The Wisdom of Picard, updated to include the final season of Picard and a new cover made especially for the box set.

It’s a pretty nifty set, and Jean-Luc Picard is arguably one of the few characters in Star Trek who can have such a thing put to his name (imagine trying to do a Spock Legacy Collection that has all of the original TV show and its movies, on top of a slice of TNG, the Kelvin movies, Discovery, and then Strange New Worlds!). But, perhaps a little cheekily with its “Legacy” name, given there’s still a demand for more adventures from the venerable Captain-turned-Admiral after Picard’s conclusion, it feels like a fitting end note on the adventures of one of Star Trek’s finest heroes.

The Star Trek Picard Legacy Collection is set to release October 17 in the U.S., and then in Italy, Germany, and the UK on November 15, 16, and November 20, respectively. No price has been confirmed yet, but hey: you’re getting over 200 hours of Star Trek. It’s gonna cost you a couple bars of gold-pressed latinum.

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